ReCoil Playtest Session #2

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Cast and players:

[19:05:44] Vanilla: Candles always burn in Vanilla's room, bright and shining - and outside the window, it's always dark, the moon hanging visible, changing phases to mimic her moods. She loves the bath, loves to fill it with bubbles and lounge in it, just float away and leave all thought behind.

[19:05:45] Vanilla: Incense burns too, filling the room with smoke and smells. Vanilla's room is a cornucopia of odors, each overlaying one another. The strongest, of course, is the smell of vanilla, her strongest memory of the life before. She's all alone, unfortunately, and this saddens her. The moon outside is dark and dim.

[19:08:04] Vanilla: But right now, Vanilla isn't in her bath. She sits at a mahogany desk covered in candles, tapping away at an old style typewriter. She is not a fast typist, but puts deliberation and passion into every keystroke. One could almost imagine she is making love to the machine with her words. Beside her, a wastebasket is filled with crumped up pieces of paper.

[19:10:43] Wolfe[GM]: From the door comes a slow, hollow rapping that echoes through the room, almost seeming to cool the sultry air... tap tap, tap-tap-tap.... and then, when the last echo had nearly faded... tap tap

[19:12:09] Vanilla: Vanilla taps out a few more keystrokes, wanting to hold this thought while it is still in her head. "Death," she says, thinking she's quoting someone but unable to remember who, "can wait."

[19:13:20] Wolfe[GM]: Death.... waits.

[19:14:31] Vanilla: Finally, one set of taps stirs her from her chair. She pulls on a silk robe to cover herself (it helps to think when one's skin is exposed, but to expose oneself to Death would just be... gauche *shudder*) and goes to the door.

[19:16:57] Wolfe[GM]: When the door opens, Death, or Mortis if you prefer, awaits without. Though it's skull cannot express emotion, there is something about the apparition that suggests amusement. "Did I interrupt something?"

[19:19:33] Vanilla: Vanilla smiles her sweetest smile. "Do you ever not?" She pulls the robe even closer around herself. "Okay, you wouldn't be here without a good reason; let's go."

[19:20:14] Wolfe[GM]: Mortis steps aside, allowing her to exit before speaking. "I need you to take one of our newest Agents with you. Are you acquainted with Mother?"

[19:21:31] Vanilla: "Not too well. We've nodded at each other a few times in passing."

[19:23:02] Wolfe[GM]: "I need you to go get her. Meet me in the ReCoil chamber." With that, Mortis nods once, and fades from sight.

[19:24:11] Vanilla: Things being in a state of Rush, Vanilla does not bother with taking the long way. Instead, she simply closes her eyes for a moment, and finds herself at Mother's door. "Why Mortis didn't just do this himself..." she mutters as she knocks at the door.

[19:27:38] Mother: Blue bunnies and flowers border Mothers room today. She is revisiting the nursery she never got to use but visits frequently. It's not heart ache she visits but the mere joy she felt of the expected. Today she is rocking softly is the rocking chair next to the baby crib, eyes closed and sounds of soft music playing in her head.

[19:28:23] Mother: The music however is interrupted by the knock at the door and she slowly rises and answers

[19:28:40] Mother: "May I help you?"

[19:29:15] Vanilla: "You've got another appointment with Death, honey. I'm here to help you keep it."

[19:30:34] Mother: Mother smiles at what would have normally been a threat and says with that same smile "lead the way"

[19:32:05] Vanilla: "Just down this hall," Vanilla says, and suddenly, their destination is. "Come on."

[19:32:33] Wolfe[GM]: The ReCoil chamber is as barren and utilitarian as ever. In the center of the floor, the flat, unpolished black ovoid beckons the Agents. The ragged cowled figure of Mortis looms nearby, waiting.

[19:34:18] Mother: Mother approaches Mortis and says "Hey Mortis what are you needing?"

[19:35:00] Wolfe[GM]: The cowled figure turns its empty eye sockets to the Agent. "A mission."

[19:36:27] Mother: "Oh I was afraid you were going to need a bouquet of flowers or something different like that" mother says with a smirk on her face and waits to hear more.

[19:36:41] Vanilla: "Can't they just... I mean, fall into their own oblivion? The Naughtwraiths, I mean." Vanilla looks like she's about to pout. "They keep interrupting me at the best moments..."

[19:37:18] Wolfe[GM]: "No, that will not be necessary." The empty gaze turns to Vanilla. "You are both here. Good."

[19:38:24] Wolfe[GM]: "17 people killed in the city of Phoenix."

[19:38:46] Vanilla: A memory tugs at Vanilla, but goes away before she can tug back.

[19:39:21] Wolfe[GM]: "You will have 2 and a half days to stop the incident." Mortis turns his attention back to the black ovoid, waiting.

[19:40:30] Vanilla: Vanilla whistles. "That's a lot more than the last one you sent me on..." A single tear trickles down her cheek.

[19:40:52] Wolfe[GM]: Mortis simply nods.

[19:41:28] Mother: "2 and a half days doesn't seem like much now does it"

[19:41:38] Vanilla: "Well, no rest for the wicked..." Vanilla winks lewdly at Mortis, and at Mother, then heads towards the oval.

[19:41:55] Mother: mother follows

[19:42:37] Vanilla: "It doesn't," Vanilla says. "Not at all." She sighs, wistfully. "I suppose we won't have as much time for distractions on this trip. I hope you're ready."

[19:42:51] Vanilla: Any reply Mother might be saying is drowned out as Vanilla says "ReCoil."

[19:42:55] Mother: "as I'll ever be"

[19:44:01] Wolfe[GM]: Mother's words trail away as the grey room darkens abruptly and the cowled figure of Mortis elongates and swirls away, all replaced by darkness and swirling points of light...

[20:02:02] Vanilla: *

[20:02:03] Vanilla: *

[20:02:07] Vanilla: *

[20:03:26] Wolfe[GM]: The swirl stops abruptly for Vanilla, to be replace by a mélange of faces, most young and preoccupied, but one, notably, staring at her... or up her skirt, more precisely, from across the crowded, cramped bus

[20:04:40] Wolfe[GM]: Vanilla finds herself wearing what looks like a nurse's outfit, and is sitting across from a dirty, ragged old man, probably homeless.

[20:13:53] Wolfe[GM]: The host is in control and as of yet unaware of Vanilla's presence. She seems likewise unaware of the vagrant staring up her short nurse's skirt

[20:16:14] Wolfe[GM]: The Host's thoughts are anxious; Her study group ran long, and she's not sure she'll make it to work on time

[20:16:44] * Vanilla stands up; if there's someone nearby to offer her seat to, she does, otherwise, at least she's not sitting down anymore. She's thinking: "Ew" about the old man as she starts noticing her host's thoughts.

[20:17:23] Wolfe[GM]: When Vanilla attempts to stand, she finds a disturbing thing; She has no control of the Host's body!

[20:18:13] Vanilla: Vanilla blurts: Psst. He's LOOKING at you. Shut your legs at least!

[20:19:01] Wolfe[GM]: The "nurse" snaps her legs shut, and looks around, even as the realization that the voice wasn't heard by her ears filters into her consciousness

[20:20:57] Wolfe[GM]: "Who..?" she pauses, then thinks who said that??

[20:21:53] Vanilla: Vanilla isn't accustomed to this; she had a much better experience LAST time. All this beautiful flesh and all she can do is look at... wait, no, 17 dead people. Have to focus on them. Good girl! Oh wait she noticed me crap oh crap. Um... call me Vanilla?

[20:22:44] Wolfe[GM]: "Vanilla..?" Once again, she speaks aloud, then schools herself to silent thoughts. Vanilla? What the hell? Am I going crazy?

[20:23:37] Wolfe[GM]: The guy next to her glances over, then goes back to his book

[20:25:25] Vanilla: I know this is going to sound a bit impossible, honey, but no, you just have a girl named Vanilla in your head. She giggles, nervously. Shelly, I need your help.

[20:26:22] Wolfe[GM]: *

[20:26:23] Wolfe[GM]: *

[20:26:23] Wolfe[GM]: *

[20:29:01] Wolfe[GM]: Mother's world solidifies, then pixelates... slowly the pixels shrink until she's staring at a computer screen, an article that seems to be about thefts across campus

[20:29:30] Wolfe[GM]: Next to the keyboard is a notepad, it's visible page covered with hastily scrawled notes: dates, locations and names

[20:29:57] Wolfe[GM]: The Host's mind is a dull, drowsy presence in the back of Mother's consciousness.

[20:31:16] * Mother looks around the room to take in her surroundings.

[20:32:03] Wolfe[GM]: The 'room' is the large space of a campus library; She's on an island of desks, each with a computer and most occupied by students

[20:33:48] * Mother looks at the screen in front of her more closely seeing if this is a currently article of the happening in this place or something none related to her mission.

[20:35:17] Wolfe[GM]: The article surveys a number of thefts happening over a year's period; A brief check with the clock in the lower corner of the screen tells her that the most recent of these have been over the last couple months

[20:36:23] * Mother packs up the belongings around her that she assumes are the host's and heads out of the library.

[20:37:15] Wolfe[GM]: Outside of the library, she steps into a furnace; Or at least it feels like it. Sweat beads almost instantly on her host's skin

[20:37:25] * Mother thinks to herself what am I looking for.. I swear they never give us enough information to figure out a good starting point.

[20:45:58] * Mother closes her eyes and searches for any helpful starting point and finds a memory of the girl's dorm room. Hm AC, that sounds good.

[20:46:18] * Mother heads in the direction of the girl's dorm room

[20:47:34] Wolfe[GM]: As she nears the building, she realizes that someone is flagging her down and shouting a name. "Ashley! Ash, hey!"

[20:48:53] Wolfe[GM]: "Hey!" a boy jogs up, grinning. "Man, you must be really preoccupied today. You still working on that story about the thefts?"

[20:50:01] Mother: "Oh uh yeah, just taking a break from the library."

[20:53:11] Wolfe[GM]: At the sound of her name, the sleeping consciousness begins to stir, forcing against the Agent, stirring to consciousness

[20:54:04] Wolfe[GM]: What the.. how did I get here? The host is groggy, but quickly turns frantic; she realizes she's not speaking with her own lips. She has no power to control them.

[20:54:38] Wolfe[GM]: The young man grins, totally unaware of what's going on in Ashley's head.

[20:54:48] Wolfe[GM]: "Well, hey, I got a lead for you."

[20:55:26] * Mother silently says to hear self calm down its ok just calm down.

[20:55:35] Mother: Oh yeah? What's that?

[20:56:07] Wolfe[GM]: "What's it worth to you?" he asks, his grin turning suggestive.

[20:56:37] Wolfe[GM]: Who's there? What's going on?? the girl isn't calming, quite the opposite.

[21:01:52] * Mother silently says in her mind again listen just calm down I am here to help you not freak you out. Take a deep breath.

[21:02:17] Wolfe[GM]: The Host fights for control once more, but is only able to make slight progress. I'm not dreaming! What's happening to me? obviously she doesn't realize that she's made progress

[21:02:27] Wolfe[GM]: Who are you??

[21:03:02] Wolfe[GM]: Meanwhile, the young man's grin fades as Ashley doesn't answer. "Hey, I was just kidding, Ash. Ashley?"

[21:03:03] * Mother again says silently to her self watching the girl's friend in front of her staring listen do you want your friend here to think you are a freak just answer him then you can deal with me

[21:03:43] Mother: " oh sorry I have a ton on my mind. It would be worth something" Ashley grins

[21:04:57] Wolfe[GM]: His grin returns. "Here. I'll let you decide how much it's worth. I gotta run, we're working on a big project today." With those words, he hands her a folded wad of papers, flashes one final smile, and jogs off toward the arched bridge heading back on campus.

[21:06:15] * Mother takes the piece of paper says "Thanks!" and takes a deep breath. "Ok Ashley, just calm down. Let's get up to your room and get you, us, out of this heat"

[21:06:32] Wolfe[GM]: Ashley isn't exactly calming, but the shock is starting to wear off; her analytical mind is beginning to take stock of the situation

[21:08:24] * Mother heads up to Ashley's room

[21:09:39] Wolfe[GM]: Okay. I'm walking, talking, but I'm not in control. The girl analyzes the situation as her body walks up to her room. Obviously the one in control knows something about me, because this is my dorm.. and that's my room

[21:10:20] Mother: You catch on quick

[21:11:06] Wolfe[GM]: I can communicate with this other, who says it's here to help me.. Alright, we'll start there. Who are you, and what do you want?

[21:12:12] Mother: I'm mother, and from your male friend there I have gathered your name is Ashley. And lets just say I am here and you are helping me be here to fix a major problem that could and will happen if we don't do anything about it.

[21:12:38] Wolfe[GM]: You're here to fix a problem? What sort of problem? And why do you need me?

[21:13:06] Wolfe[GM]: The girl's mental tone has sharpened, almost as though she's interviewing a possibly hostile witness.

[21:13:28] Mother: You seem like a smart girl. I assumed you already realized the 'Why I need you' part. The rest of it, for the most part, I am still figuring out myself as well.

[21:14:04] Wolfe[GM]: You need me... because you don't have a body. That's why, isn't it?

[21:14:40] Wolfe[GM]: Are you a ghost? Her tone is tinged with skepticism; Even with this experience, she's not quite ready to believe in ghosts, it seems.

[21:14:58] Mother: You seem like you are really into figuring things out. Possibly you would like to figure out the up coming problem with me? Two minds are always better then one.

[21:15:48] Mother: Not a ghost per se, but I wouldn't worry yourself over those details. Let's just say I am not a permanent fixture in your mind, so you don't have to worry to much about getting me out in the long run.

[21:16:14] Wolfe[GM]: Alright.. So a problem. I help you fix it, you leave me alone?

[21:17:07] Mother: That's pretty much how it works. That and I don't know if you should go telling people you are hearing voice's. See it as you doing a good deed that probably no one will thank you for but you'll always feel good about.

[21:17:37] Wolfe[GM]: Telling people? It doesn't seem like I've got any choice in the matter, do I? You're in control. Her tone now is bitter.

[21:18:08] * Mother giggles as she reaches Ashley's room

[21:18:15] Mother: yeah sorry about that but I promise it's a good thing

[21:19:29] Wolfe[GM]: As her hands fumble with the keys, Ashley's lips speak the girl's thoughts. "I need to get rid of some of these keys..."

[21:20:36] Mother: you do figure things out quickly. Hence why I said you don't want to tell people you are hearing voices

[21:21:07] Wolfe[GM]: Surprise registers in the girl's mind as her words are verbalized. "I can speak!" then after a moment "but I still can't move."

[21:21:34] Wolfe[GM]: "I wonder..." there's a speculative tone to her voice as Mother finally finds the right key.

[21:24:34] Wolfe[GM]: Suddenly, control switches, and Ashley steps into her room of her own volition. A grin curves her lips, and she pirouettes in the center of her small room

[21:25:06] Wolfe[GM]: "Ha!" she proclaims. "I win! MY body! Mine!"

[21:25:23] Mother: I wouldn't say that to loud someone may hear you

[21:26:02] Mother: "I'd say it more at this level"

[21:26:18] Mother: If you must say anything like that aloud in the first place

[21:26:30] Wolfe[GM]: Ashley stops, and glares at a mirror, striding over to it, then stutter-stepping in surprise as her lips speak, not of her choice.

[21:26:48] Wolfe[GM]: Alright, fine. I obviously can't get rid of you.

[21:27:13] Mother: Listen I promise I am here to help you not hurt you in any manner. And you know this area and I don't.

[21:27:45] Wolfe[GM]: "Tell me more about this problem." She flounces down into a big comfy chair, still looking toward the mirror, even though she's no longer visible in it.

[21:27:45] Mother: who was the boy down stairs anyhow? A grin spreads across Ashley's face

[21:28:59] Wolfe[GM]: "Stop using my mouth. It's freaky." she shudders, and works her lips convulsively. "He's this guy I know. He tutored me in algebra."

[21:29:31] Mother: He likes you. Ah to be young again

[21:29:40] Mother: ok any how

[21:30:07] Mother: From what I understand a lot of people are going to get hurt soon if I can't figure out how to stop it.

[21:30:11] Wolfe[GM]: "He's a geek." She flushes a little bit at the commentary.

[21:30:27] Wolfe[GM]: "Get hurt?"

[21:30:38] * Mother looks around the room

[21:30:48] Wolfe[GM]: She stops, then with an effort, begins thinking instead of speaking.

[21:30:56] Wolfe[GM]: What do you mean, get hurt?

[21:31:30] Wolfe[GM]: *

[21:31:33] Wolfe[GM]: *

[21:31:35] Wolfe[GM]: *

End Session.

PC Stats at end of game:
Name: Vanilla
Defining Memory: The smell of vanilla, the touch of soft hands, gentle kisses, melodic laughter, milky skin, the starry sky, and a crescent moon
Conviction: Love Conquers All - 5
+ Genuine displays of passion
- Alienation of feeling
Synchronicity: Dark Blue
Perception: 3
Power: 5
~Power Boost

Passive Perception:
Synch Ratings


Name: Mother
Defining Memory: Swelling belly, the beauty of life within, the sacrifice for a greater outcome.
Conviction: Love for Life - 7
Help the Host instead of following her duty.
Each Naughtwraith sent back to Oblivion without killing its host.
- Hurt the Host in pursuit of her duty.
Synchronicity: Bright Purple
Perception: 1
Power: 5
~Slivers of Mortality  
~Slivers of Mortality
Power Boost


~First Aid:

Passive Perception: 3
Synch Levels


Host Traits
Name: Shelly
Synch Trait: Dark Red
Profession: Student - 2
Body: 8
Mind: 5
Social: 9

Host Traits
Name: Ashley
Synch Trait: Dark Orange
Profession: Reporter - 7
Body: 5
Mind: 9
Social: 6