ReCoil Playtest Session #3 OOC Log
(edited for focus)

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[17:16:38] Lxndr: synched was probably at least part of the reason for the lack of body jumping, I think

[17:16:38] Wolfe[GM]: Do you have the text in front of you, Lx?

[17:16:57] Wolfe[GM]: The rules for Agent creation haven't changed much at all.

[17:16:58] Lxndr: yes. as well as vanilla's character sheet.

[17:17:01] * Lxndr saves his characters

[17:17:14] * Wolfe[GM] also saves Lx's characters... at least for ReCoil

[17:17:52] Lxndr: vanilla was a tough one to pick for. slivers is already off the table for all things Lxndr, and she's not driven. so that leaves... 4 talents. hmmm...

[17:19:18] Wolfe[GM]: I'm primarily going to be walking Rhonda through this. You've done it once before.

[17:19:38] Lxndr: Lance, I'm having trouble properly answering part 3 of the finishing touches questions

[17:20:10] Wolfe[GM]: Part 3.. okay.

[17:20:28] Wolfe[GM]: Oh bloody..

[17:20:30] Wolfe[GM]: Fuck.

[17:20:54] * Wolfe[GM] shoots self for stupidity, splattering greymatter all over pregnant wife

[17:21:01] Calandra: ewww

[17:21:15] Calandra: bloody fuck then grey matter both sound totally nasty

[17:22:19] Lxndr: I feel like saying yes. Yes, I would like a question.

[17:22:29] Calandra: lol

[17:22:32] Wolfe[GM]: That was a temporary place marker. I forgot to go back and put in a question.

[17:22:39] *** Lxndr has changed the topic on channel #indie_ooc to [15:21:12] <Calandra> bloody fuck then grey matter both sound totally nasty.

[17:22:43] Wolfe[GM]: Quick, Lx! What's a good question for #3?

[17:22:46] Lxndr: I figured. But it was fun to point it out my way

[17:22:48] Calandra: I thought it was more like a "questions? anyone?"

[17:23:12] Lxndr: heh. "Question? If you must ask a question to fully understand this game, before play starts, get 1. otherwise lose one."

[17:23:35] Wolfe[GM]: Pssh. I'd still get a point, and I wrote the bloody thing.

[17:24:19] Lxndr: hm so by remaking vanilla, I lose my 27 points for character advancement. lucky for me, those never WERE of any use

[17:27:00] Wolfe[GM]: They actually would have been, in a second session.

[17:27:09] Wolfe[GM]: They aren't anymore though, so it's moot.

[17:27:21] Wolfe[GM]: A'right, hon.

[17:27:27] Lxndr: you still reference Cipher on that same page, btw

[17:27:30] Wolfe[GM]: The first thing to determine is your defining memory.

[17:27:37] Wolfe[GM]: I?

[17:27:39] Wolfe[GM]: Shit!

[17:27:55] Wolfe[GM]: I need to put Cipher back in. I don't even know why I took it out.

[17:28:23] Wolfe[GM]: Your defining memory is the strongest memory your character remembers from life.

[17:28:36] Wolfe[GM]: For example, Vanilla's memory was...

[17:28:44] Calandra: Like right before death or could it be at any point?

[17:28:52] Calandra: from your life that is

[17:28:56] Wolfe[GM]: At any point.

[17:29:11] Wolfe[GM]: It could also be a collage of memories around a certain person, or theme.

[17:29:17] Lxndr: defining memory: The smell of vanilla, the touch of soft hands, gentle kisses, melodic laughter, milky skin, the starry sky, and a crescent moon

[17:29:38] Lxndr: originally it was just "the smell of vanilla." But Lance insisted on something more substantial, and thus this collage erupted.

[17:29:39] Wolfe[GM]: For example, one of the example characters in the text's memory was of a cop, always doing the right thing.

[17:30:01] * Wolfe[GM] thinks Lx's memory may have added just a little bit to it...

[17:30:16] Calandra: Either way I get the point

[17:30:18] Wolfe[GM]: ...or not.

[17:30:22] Wolfe[GM]: Okay.

[17:30:25] Lxndr: this is from the text file that I saved at the end of that game. :P

[17:30:27] Calandra: Ok so its something simple when it comes down to it

[17:30:32] Calandra: not some lengthy story

[17:30:33] Wolfe[GM]: Yeah, went and referenced it too.

[17:30:36] Wolfe[GM]: Right.

[17:32:14] Calandra: Ok I am trying to think of something but it's harder than I thought it would be

[17:33:20] Calandra: How does the defining thing have an effect on your character

[17:33:29] Calandra: like Vanilla is it just the name?

[17:33:42] Wolfe[GM]: It helps give you the basis for your character.

[17:33:58] Wolfe[GM]: From Vanilla's memory came her conviction, and much of her personality.

[17:34:12] Calandra: Well I could go for a glue character like I normally would and it would work with my hormones right now or I could think of something else kinda out there

[17:34:18] Calandra: Like Motherhood

[17:34:21] Wolfe[GM]: Doesn't even matter.

[17:34:24] Wolfe[GM]: Motherhood works.

[17:34:44] Wolfe[GM]: The other example character in the old text had a memory that was kinda based around motherhood.

[17:35:49] Calandra: I'm not thinking so much as like a mother watching over a child as what I feel now which is just that protection and like how I have to rethink things sometimes in interest of the baby type of idea.

[17:35:51] Calandra: Does that make since

[17:36:19] Wolfe[GM]: Sorta.. But it doesn't really have to make a great deal of sense.

[17:36:29] Wolfe[GM]: It's a memory of a fragment of a person.

[17:36:45] Wolfe[GM]: So just decide how you want to phrase your defining memory, and tell us.

[17:36:49] Calandra: Ok then I guess I'll go with that

[17:36:56] Calandra: oh

[17:36:58] Calandra: Ummmm

[17:37:56] Lxndr: hm, the synch color descriptors have changed, and now I have to find a new place for Vanilla. At least, I don't think "teacher" (the new descriptor for her old color) is valid.

[17:38:06] Wolfe[GM]: Oh yeah..

[17:39:20] Calandra: Swelling belly, the beauty of life within, the sacrifice for a greater outcome

[17:39:25] Calandra: is that good?

[17:39:33] Wolfe[GM]: Caretaker, Artist, maybe.

[17:39:42] Wolfe[GM]: Yes. That works.

[17:39:59] Wolfe[GM]: I'm guessing it's a mother who died in childbirth?

[17:40:12] Wolfe[GM]: Or maybe died to save her child, but remembers her pregnancy most?

[17:40:22] Calandra: maybe directly afterwards

[17:40:36] Wolfe[GM]: Or even a father who died, but vividly remembers the pregnancy.

[17:41:05] Wolfe[GM]: It could be any number of things, and doesn't even have to imply gender, or that the person implied was them.

[17:41:06] Calandra: the sacrifice is the horrible pain of pregnancy that was totally worth it so it would be afterwards

[17:41:20] Wolfe[GM]: Doesn't matter to me. It's all up to you.

[17:41:27] Calandra: Ok so next?

[17:41:33] Wolfe[GM]: So, okay. Next, based on that memory, you need to choose a Conviction.

[17:41:51] Wolfe[GM]: Convictions are... beliefs, or philosophies, or... something.

[17:42:03] Wolfe[GM]: Your Conviction is what keeps you going, keeps you fighting.

[17:42:35] Wolfe[GM]: Examples include "To Protect and Serve"

[17:42:42] Wolfe[GM]: and "Love Conquers All"

[17:42:46] Calandra: Couldn't the last thing in my memory be the same as the conviction?

[17:43:22] Wolfe[GM]: Sacrifice for a greater outcome isn't a belief or a philosophy by itself. It needs to be turned into one.

[17:43:34] Wolfe[GM]: A commandment, or a motto, basically.

[17:43:43] Calandra: No greater love?

[17:43:56] Wolfe[GM]: Hm. What does it mean?

[17:45:27] * Wolfe[GM] jabs Lxndr with a sharpened bit of Penumbra

[17:45:30] * Lxndr answers "Question?" with "Yes."

[17:45:34] Lxndr: why am I being jabbed?

[17:45:40] * Wolfe[GM] whistles innocently

[17:45:41] Wolfe[GM]: Hm?

[17:45:48] Calandra: She sacrificed her self to bring a child into the world and to give of your own life for the love of another type of idea. Many people don't see it but pregnancy every time is putting your life out there for love so to speak

[17:46:12] Wolfe[GM]: Okay..

[17:46:24] Wolfe[GM]: So, when would be a situation when you might affirm this belief?

[17:46:37] Wolfe[GM]: Like.. What would happen to make that belief stronger?

[17:46:44] Wolfe[GM]: what might happen, rather.

[17:46:51] Lxndr: "Love for life" seems to be a way to phrase this.

[17:47:01] Wolfe[GM]: No good suggestions for Q3, Lx?

[17:47:06] Lxndr: Not yet.

[17:47:09] Calandra: Like what would she do with a host body to affirm that?

[17:47:22] Wolfe[GM]: Not exactly. Just.. what situations and outcomes.

[17:47:26] Lxndr: I'm trying to come up with a question for which it would make sense to raise/lower if you say 'yes', but lower/raise if you say 'no'.

[17:47:55] Calandra: I like "Love for Life" as well

[17:47:58] Wolfe[GM]: For instance, to go back to my example "To Protect and Serve", a situation that would affirm that might be to protect an innocent person, or to stop a crime.

[17:48:30] Lxndr: here's vanilla's:

[17:48:32] Wolfe[GM]: On the flip side, a situation that might shake that belief would be to hurt an innocent, or to fail to protect them, or maybe even to commit a crime.

[17:48:38] Lxndr: conviction: "love conquers all".

[17:48:38] Lxndr: + condition: "genuine displays of passion"

[17:48:38] Lxndr: - condition: "alienation of affection"

[17:49:16] * Lxndr makes vanilla Dark Blue

[17:49:46] Wolfe[GM]: I'm a little leery of a pregnancy-focused Conviction because it might be a little too difficult to come up with breakpoints (raise or lower your Conviction score)

[17:50:09] Wolfe[GM]: Motherf...

[17:50:21] Wolfe[GM]: Wait. Nevermind. Can't read.

[17:50:21] Lxndr: ?

[17:50:27] Calandra: Love for Life Sacrifice thy self for a loved one Watch a loved one die in her place?????

[17:50:31] Wolfe[GM]: I thought I'd failed to put dark blue.

[17:50:52] Lxndr: heh. now whenever I make a mechanical choice you're going to wonder if I'm pointing out a flaw, aren't you?

[17:50:57] Calandra: K then not motherhood?

[17:51:07] Wolfe[GM]: Mm. Sacrificing your "self" would be hard, because you're a spirit. Sacrificing your host would be a little fucked up.

[17:51:25] Calandra: Yeah that's what I was wondering about because I am still learning how game play goes

[17:51:29] Wolfe[GM]: Motherhood is fine. Those conditions are a good start.

[17:51:51] Lxndr: what if she considers the host as her child?

[17:51:52] Wolfe[GM]: But you can only sacrifice your "self" once. Sacrificing your host doesn't really count.

[17:51:54] Calandra: which would make it a lot easier to figure out what I wanted if I new the other rules first I suppose..... Like more of an idea of what we are supposed to be doing and would is part of the goals?

[17:52:10] Wolfe[GM]: Right, but you'd only be able to gain Conviction once if it required self sacrifice.

[17:52:28] Calandra: Ok so you are saying to change the Sacrificing part

[17:52:32] Wolfe[GM]: Right.

[17:52:34] Lxndr: not necessarily. not unless you are very strict about considering /death/ the only "self-sacrifice" worth considering.

[17:52:55] Wolfe[GM]: A point. What other sorts of sacrifice might an Agent make?

[17:53:02] Wolfe[GM]: self sacrifice, that is.

[17:53:28] Lxndr: (+) help the Host instead of follow her duty. (-) hurt the Host's life in pursuit of her duty.

[17:53:36] Wolfe[GM]: ...ooh.

[17:53:36] * Lxndr is riffing at this point.

[17:53:47] Wolfe[GM]: That's semi-powerful conflict fodder there.

[17:54:06] Wolfe[GM]: It would be moreso with a Morph in the group than with Vanilla, but still.

[17:54:18] Calandra: Hang on I am thinking

[17:54:29] Lxndr: and frankly, I can totally see Rhonda's characters as driven, which means a second (+)

[17:54:42] Lxndr: which I can't think of right now, but I really think should be there

[17:54:43] Wolfe[GM]: Hehe...

[17:55:06] Wolfe[GM]: Me too, though that'd be a fun little exercise.. You've got good breakpoints. Now think of another good one!

[17:56:55] Lxndr: Rhonda, what do you think? My suggestion fits within self-sacrifice very well.

[17:57:35] Calandra: Yes I am processing... Sorry I told lance gaming is harder for me right now because it takes longer for things to soak in so just give me a sec

[17:58:29] Lxndr: if I were going to do this, I'd want the second + something she could get while pursuing her duty, somehow. my first idea there:

[17:58:43] Lxndr: (+) for each Naughtwraith sent back to Oblivion without killing its host.

[17:58:52] Calandra: Ok what you typed up Alex is what I was trying to put into words I was just having a hard time wording it my self

[17:59:11] Lxndr: I thought it was what you were trying to say, Rhonda. That's why I was helping :)

[17:59:56] Wolfe[GM]: Lx: And yeah, to your question at 17:50:52

[18:01:57] Wolfe[GM]: Okay, next you choose your synch trait from the list on page 6 of the playtest doc.

[18:03:07] Calandra: Caretaker-Bright purple.... was this a shock to anyone lmao

[18:03:15] Wolfe[GM]: SO unexpected...

[18:03:42] Lxndr: as a mother, dark yellow is at least a reasonable other choice. but I'm not surprised you picked bright purple.

[18:03:53] Wolfe[GM]: Next up, you get to choose 4 talents from page 7.

[18:04:27] Calandra: we aren't talking about your mom Alex lmao

[18:04:28] Calandra: j/k

[18:04:46] Wolfe[GM]: Any of them are a reasonable choice.

[18:04:57] Lxndr: well, I was thinking 'to expect from Rhonda'

[18:04:58] Wolfe[GM]: Bright Purple is an obvious choice.. but any of them are reasonable.

[18:05:03] Lxndr: yes, a mother could be any of them

[18:05:36] Lxndr: I still really, really strongly feel Driven should be a part of your character, Rhonda.

[18:05:50] Lxndr: just because of how you've been describing her

[18:06:16] Wolfe[GM]: Driven definitely fits.

[18:07:15] Lxndr: (and I did even already give a suggestion for a new (+) that I think still fits into the idea of sacrifice, or at least of the sorts of risks one takes to protect: (+) for each Naughtwraith sent back to Oblivion without killing its host.)

[18:07:39] Wolfe[GM]: Mm.

[18:07:42] Wolfe[GM]: Not a bad one.

[18:08:10] Wolfe[GM]: Man, we're going to have a couple of carebears...

[18:08:27] Lxndr: heh

[18:08:47] Lxndr: Vanilla isn't necessarily a carebear. "genuine displays of passion" is rather broad.

[18:09:12] Lxndr: in fact I think her conviction is probably more 'emotion conquers all' than 'love conquers all.' but she kinda lies to herself a bit and says it's "love"

[18:09:48] Lxndr: The limiting factor there is 'genuine.'

[18:10:59] Calandra: How hard is it and effecting to the story is it to go back to numbra ?

[18:11:11] Calandra: sorry Penumbra

[18:11:13] Wolfe[GM]: It's not incredibly hard.

[18:11:23] Wolfe[GM]: It's not something you necessarily want to do, though.

[18:11:32] Lxndr: I already can't go to penumbra. It might not be good to have two people who can't.

[18:11:47] Lxndr: Also as someone who wants to help their Host, the ability to move to another one might be a good option to have.

[18:11:56] Calandra: I am looking at synched

[18:12:10] Wolfe[GM]: You can, Lx.

[18:12:12] Calandra: Right I am just trying to understand different aspects

[18:12:16] Wolfe[GM]: What you can't do is just jump hosts.

[18:12:28] Calandra: you can you just have to go back to penumbra first

[18:12:32] Lxndr: Right.

[18:12:34] Wolfe[GM]: And crap. I forgot that I chose to call Compatibility Unity.

[18:12:36] * Wolfe[GM] sighs

[18:12:38] Calandra: that's why I was asking how it affected things

[18:12:57] Lxndr: I'm just saying a body-jumper without the need to go back might be useful. Just in terms of a balancing the party type scenario.

[18:13:08] Wolfe[GM]: Jumping hosts, you can just choose your next host whenever it's appropriate. See and jump.

[18:13:29] Wolfe[GM]: Synched have to release and retry, and their next Host could be anywhere.

[18:13:37] Calandra: right but what happens if I choose synched how does that affect me in a negative way

[18:13:48] Lxndr: That's the big one right there: their next Host could be anywhere.

[18:13:55] Calandra: because I am thinking mid game play having to go back to penumbra has to be a negative thing some how

[18:13:58] Lxndr: Heck in theory, their next Host COULD be the one they just left. Nothing stops that.

[18:13:59] Wolfe[GM]: The negative impact is that you can't just jump from person to person.

[18:14:03] Lxndr: It also takes TIME.

[18:14:32] Lxndr: so: (1) you have to take time to jump, instead of it being instant, and (2) you can't choose your next target

[18:14:51] Calandra: Ok I understand thank you

[18:14:55] * Calandra back to her reading

[18:14:59] Lxndr: no prob

[18:16:25] Wolfe[GM]: So, do you have Vanilla finished?

[18:16:43] Wolfe[GM]: For now, just decide if you want to raise or lower for Q3.

[18:17:11] Calandra: how does slivers work in a positive way

[18:17:21] Wolfe[GM]: Slivers is essentially skills.

[18:17:29] Wolfe[GM]: Your Agent knows how to do more stuff.

[18:17:39] Calandra: example?

[18:17:49] Calandra: Shooting a gun ?

[18:17:55] Wolfe[GM]: Right now, the only skills your Agent has is Guns and Martial Arts

[18:18:10] Wolfe[GM]: If you want to know computers, or music, or language, you need more skills.

[18:18:16] Calandra: I C

[18:18:26] Calandra: and I don't quite understand the dice rolling to see what you get?

[18:18:40] Wolfe[GM]: It's a little complicated. I'll explain it offline.

[18:23:04] Wolfe[GM]: Ah crigey. I just realized another mistake I might have made...

[18:23:24] Wolfe[GM]: Nope, nope. Did it right in the text.

[18:23:33] Wolfe[GM]: Got it backward in my head since then, but I did it right.

[18:24:27] Calandra: Ok Power boost, Driven, Sliver, Sliver seems good to me.

[18:25:04] Wolfe[GM]: Alright.

[18:25:22] Wolfe[GM]: Alex has suggested a second + breakpoint which you can use, or think of your own.

[18:27:49] Calandra: Yeah I like that as well.

[18:27:58] Calandra: Now am I supposed to be putting this on my sheet

[18:29:41] Wolfe[GM]: type this

[18:29:51] Wolfe[GM]: this: /roll 2[1d10]

[18:29:56] Calandra: yep got that

[18:29:58] Wolfe[GM]: I hope I did that right.

[18:30:01] Lxndr: #roll 2

[18:30:01] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Lxndr [2[1d10]]: 4 8 >

[18:30:02] Lxndr: 4 8

[18:30:08] Lxndr: in other words, # not /

[18:30:13] Lxndr: or else it won't show in the channel

[18:30:24] *** -RPGServ- <Roll [2[1d10]]: 7 3 >

[18:30:37] Wolfe[GM]: Oh, really? So the roll I just made doesn't show up to you?

[18:30:38] Calandra: looks like a nine and a ten?

[18:30:44] Lxndr: yes, /roll is only pm'd to you

[18:30:48] Lxndr: #roll shows in the channel

[18:31:04] Lxndr: also, I have a script that automatically sorts from smallest to largest. note:

[18:31:05] Wolfe[GM]: Well, she can keep the 9 and 10, or reroll your way.

[18:31:09] Lxndr: #roll 13[1d10]

[18:31:09] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Lxndr [13[1d10]]: 4 10 9 6 9 1 10 6 8 2 10 3 8 >

[18:31:10] Lxndr: 1 2 3 4 6 6 8 8 9 9 10 10 10

[18:31:10] Calandra: I can see the one Alex made

[18:31:31] Lxndr: yeah, totally keep the 9 and 10

[18:31:36] Calandra: I'm confused what do you want me to do?

[18:31:38] Lxndr: I'm just saying how to use the # so we all can see it

[18:31:44] * Wolfe[GM] nods

[18:31:46] Lxndr: in the future

[18:31:49] Wolfe[GM]: We'll do it that way during the game.

[18:31:53] Calandra: #role 2[1d10]

[18:31:56] Calandra: huh

[18:31:57] Wolfe[GM]: roll

[18:31:58] Lxndr: roll

[18:32:03] Wolfe[GM]: rofl

[18:32:11] Lxndr: #role Fighter/Mage/Thief

[18:32:11] Calandra: oh hahahahha

[18:32:17] Calandra: I was looking at the screen like wha????

[18:32:18] Calandra: lol

[18:33:10] Calandra: # 2[1d10]

[18:33:21] Calandra: #roll 2[1d10]

[18:33:21] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Calandra [2[1d10]]: 2 2 >

[18:33:22] Lxndr: 2 2

[18:33:28] Calandra: there we go did I do it right that time?

[18:33:31] Wolfe[GM]: Yes.

[18:33:32] Lxndr: yes ma'am

[18:33:43] Lxndr: if you see me send a message immediately afterwards with numbers, it's done right

[18:33:48] Calandra: Ok but I got a nine and ten though right?

[18:33:51] Lxndr: yes

[18:34:01] Wolfe[GM]: Yes.. His script re-orders the numbers from largest to smallest.

[18:34:11] Wolfe[GM]: or smallest to largest, rather

[18:34:12] Calandra: um ok

[18:34:27] Wolfe[GM]: So okay. 19 points, Miss Skilz.

[18:34:42] Calandra: is 19 good?

[18:34:45] Wolfe[GM]: You have, for free, Guns: 3 and Martial Arts: 3

[18:34:50] Lxndr: 19 is good

[18:34:55] Wolfe[GM]: On 2 dice? You couldn't get much better.

[18:35:01] Calandra: Now how do I put these on my note page?

[18:35:10] Wolfe[GM]: I'll show you.

[18:35:34] Lxndr: meanwhile, if I'd taken slivers twice, likely I'd have gotten 8 or 9

[18:36:01] Wolfe[GM]: You'll never know, since you didn't try.

[18:36:06] Calandra: lol

[18:36:24] Lxndr: This is true. And I'm happy with that lack of knowledge. That level of randomness in character generation will never settle rightly with me.

[18:36:25] * Calandra pats her self on the back nodding all the while

[18:41:50] Calandra: five more points to go

[18:42:38] Calandra: Ok Alex help me I got this so far

[18:42:45] Calandra: Guns-3 Investigation-4

[18:42:45] Calandra: Martial Arts-4

[18:42:46] Calandra: Spanish-2

[18:42:46] Calandra: French-3

[18:42:46] Calandra: First Aid-4

[18:42:55] Wolfe[GM]: Wish Chris Edwards were still hanging around indeed netgaming.

[18:43:00] Calandra: any idea's on skills that would be helpful

[18:43:04] Lxndr: A Way With Children - 4

[18:43:36] Lxndr: at least that feels like a potentially useful and missing skill

[18:43:59] Calandra: How often have you dealt with children while playing recoil?

[18:44:20] Calandra: How about like bedside manner?

[18:44:48] Lxndr: You have a conviction that involves you, at least on occasion, neglecting your duty to help your Host's life. I'm suggesting it might be worthwhile to have at least one skill that is useful for that side of the equation.

[18:44:49] Calandra: That would go for either children or adults .... I am thinking in her past life she was like a RN

[18:45:16] Lxndr: well bedside manner isn't the same thing as the ability to talk to a child and get them to trust you, open up to you, etc.

[18:45:39] Wolfe[GM]: Any skill might be useful in helping your Host, depending on what they need help with,

[18:45:55] Calandra: couldn't I generalize that some more though like Social or manipulative or something like that

[18:46:18] Lxndr: also I'll admit I feel, on first glance, that the points in other languages are wasted. Lance can probably give a better answer on this than I, but it just feels... unnecessary. In theory we'll know all the languages we need from our Hosts, and I can't imagine a particular language (Spanish, French) to be useful enough when compared to broader skills like 'A Way With Children' or 'Bedside Manner' or what have you

[18:46:57] Calandra: Hmmmmmmm

[18:47:03] Wolfe[GM]: Language skills never hurt. You know whatever language your host knows, but that doesn't mean you'll know any others.

[18:47:31] Wolfe[GM]: Spanish, especially, would be useful in any urban U.S. setting.

[18:47:41] Lxndr: not 'any'. but quite a few

[18:47:41] Calandra: OK to be honest any gave I have played in the past have a general follow through like if kids are involved or multi language people

[18:47:54] Calandra: if neither of these are usually present then its stupid to waste the time on putting them in skills

[18:48:04] Lxndr: I think Lance is a good enough GM that he'll look at the skills and ensure there are uses for them

[18:48:36] Lxndr: so the question then becomes - what things do YOU want to see happen often in the game? I think 'A Way With Children' says 'yes, there will be children, and they will be important, at least sometimes.'

[18:49:05] Wolfe[GM]: It doesn't actually fit her character, from what she's explaining to me.

[18:49:15] Wolfe[GM]: It could, but it doesn't.

[18:49:20] Lxndr: okay

[18:51:06] Calandra: Skills:

[18:51:06] Calandra: Guns-3 Investigation-4

[18:51:06] Calandra: Martial Arts-4 Calming-3

[18:51:06] Calandra: Spanish-2 Drive-2

[18:51:06] Calandra: French-3

[18:51:06] Calandra: First Aid-4

[18:51:10] Wolfe[GM]: And that's all 19 points.

[18:51:16] Calandra: yes

[18:51:51] Calandra: ugh character creation is always the longest process

[18:52:03] Lxndr: and skill points don't make it any quicker

[18:55:13] Calandra: Neither does having my kids foot in my ribs ughhhhhh

[18:55:14] Wolfe[GM]: It's longer for people who aren't incredibly good at making characters, yes.

[18:55:23] Calandra: hey.............................

[18:55:39] Calandra: the first time is always the hardest meanies

[18:55:49] Wolfe[GM]: Character creation done.

[18:55:58] Calandra: after the first time so long as I play it often enough I can go faster by my self

[18:56:01] Lxndr: I'd like to think of myself as pretty good at making characters, and even with more realistic/expected rolls (8 or 9 total for two Slivers) I know Vanilla's character creation time would have at least doubled.

[18:56:04] Calandra: but there was a lot to explain

[18:56:58] Lxndr: interesting choice of name.

[18:57:17] Wolfe[GM]: Names are optional.

[18:57:37] Wolfe[GM]: But yes.. If you want a name, now's the time to choose it.

[18:57:59] Wolfe[GM]: There are no rules against conventional or fantastical names, but that's not the norm.

[18:58:17] Calandra: I didn't know lance didn't tell me

[18:58:43] Lxndr: I can see you just being called 'Mother'

[18:59:09] Calandra: Mother is fine

[18:59:20] Wolfe[GM]: Alright, then! Time to begin play.

[19:00:32] Wolfe[GM]: Alex, I'll start with you, to give Rhonda an example of how indie_nar works.

[19:01:19] Lxndr: no creating a relationship map or stuff first?

[19:01:27] Wolfe[GM]: ----------------End Chargen Session, begin Play Session----------------------

[19:01:34] Wolfe[GM]: No, that happens upon ReCoiling.

[19:01:43] Lxndr: right, I'd just remembered it happened after narration began

[19:01:47] *** JP has joined #indie_ooc.

[19:03:27] Wolfe[GM]: Lx, whenever you're ready, describe your room and Vanilla's activities.

[19:04:49] Wolfe[GM]: Oh, and change your name if you're gonna.

[19:05:01] Lxndr: I'm not. I'm just gonna narrate as Vanilla.

[19:05:07] Lxndr: rather than, y'know, change identity to be 'Vanilla'

[19:05:12] Wolfe[GM]: Alright... You and your mod-powers.

[19:05:22] Lxndr: I'm no mod in ooc or nar

[19:05:25] *** Calandra is now known as Mother.

[19:05:26] Lxndr: they are unregistered

[19:05:30] Wolfe[GM]: Oh.

[19:05:31] Mother: that will make it easier for me

[19:05:37] Lxndr: meh, might as well

[19:05:39] *** Lxndr is now known as Vanilla.

[19:05:47] Wolfe[GM]: You'll have to explain it to me later, then...

[19:06:02] Wolfe[GM]: Bah! Cheater!

[19:06:04] * Wolfe[GM] grins

[19:06:06] Vanilla: heh

[19:06:13] Vanilla: I saved that in vanilla's character sheet for a reason

[19:06:51] Wolfe[GM]: Still typing?

[19:07:12] Mother: I am not going to be able to type something that elegant out geeeeeeze

[19:07:18] Vanilla: yes still typing

[19:08:10] Vanilla: there, now done

[19:08:23] Vanilla: Rhonda, those first two paragraphs were written years ago, when Vanilla was created

[19:08:28] Vanilla: the third is new though

[19:08:30] Mother: Lance will brb

[19:08:40] Mother: I am still reading

[19:09:15] Mother: Damn Alex I can't write like that

[19:09:35] Vanilla: So? Do what you can. Don't look at me like I'm setting some horrible bar.

[19:09:43] Vanilla: This isn't a competition.

[19:09:47] Mother: bar already set

[19:09:53] * Mother grumbles

[19:09:55] * Vanilla serves you a few drinks

[19:10:20] Vanilla: here, have a "Sex With An Alligator." the funniest drink name I came across in a while.

[19:14:33] Mother: I better find a comfy spot in my chair or Orion is going to punish me by making me cramp up this whole time

[19:15:02] Vanilla: You know, for all that Random was irreverent, I think Vanilla is the more... not exactly rebellious one, but...

[19:18:12] Mother: Either you guys type really really slow or you are doing multiple things at once

[19:18:32] Wolfe[GM]: I'm waiting, and poking at indierpgs.

[19:18:35] Vanilla: its. not it's.

[19:19:16] Wolfe[GM]: I know. It's just inconsistent.

[19:19:33] Wolfe[GM]: You would say Rhonda's to denote ownership.

[19:19:50] Vanilla: it is consistent

[19:19:53] Vanilla: his, hers, its

[19:19:59] Vanilla: it is consistent with the other pronouns

[19:20:26] Vanilla: except 'mine'

[19:20:32] Wolfe[GM]: I know..

[19:21:50] Vanilla: I'm for some reason getting the impression that Mortis will whip out a powerpoint presentation one of these days

[19:22:11] Mother: Death by power point

[19:22:13] Mother: lmao hahahahaha

[19:24:32] Wolfe[GM]: Rhonda, describe your room, and Mother's activities therein.

[19:24:42] Mother: ugh

[19:24:58] Mother: go chat boys this is going to take me a few

[19:25:22] Vanilla: seriously, don't use me as a template. don't get overinvolved.

[19:25:49] * Wolfe[GM] sighs

[19:28:50] Wolfe[GM]: Your go, Nilla.

[19:29:04] Mother: How was that lol

[19:30:08] Wolfe[GM]: In any other game world, that'd probably be a threat.

[19:39:16] Vanilla: (I hope you don't mind the editorial internal Vanilla mental state bit)

[19:39:29] Wolfe[GM]: Nah.

[19:40:03] Wolfe[GM]: Normal procedure is to have the Agents stand within the oval, and when ready, one of them says "ReCoil".

[19:40:05] Mother: This just sounds like a bad traffic day at 5pm lmao

[19:40:06] Mother: j/k

[19:40:49] Mother: Well be it that this is probably mother's first time I am waiting on you Alex to take the lead

[19:41:37] Wolfe[GM]: Joke or none, be aware that those 17 people were killed all at once.

[19:41:42] Wolfe[GM]: And it wasn't a natural death.

[19:43:27] Vanilla: I'm not sure exactly why this is the case, but I think Mother rubs Vanilla wrong in some way. And it's not just that Mortis delegated fetching duties

[19:43:44] Vanilla: in other words, Rhonda, if Vanilla is rude, that's just her, not me :)

[19:44:01] Mother: I know

[19:44:23] Wolfe[GM]: Alright, time for the Situation Web.

[19:44:45] Wolfe[GM]: We need to think of a number of people connected to the incident.

[19:45:16] Mother: Lance sure likes his webs in games doesn't he

[19:45:40] Vanilla: Hrm. What's interesting in Phoenix that we could set this around.

[19:46:06] Wolfe[GM]: Dunno. Let's figure that out by choosing people.

[19:46:07] Vanilla: there's always PIF. but I might be the only one that considers that interesting

[19:46:15] Mother: THE MALLLL

[19:46:23] Mother: OH TO SEE A MALL AGAIN

[19:46:23] Mother: lol j/k

[19:46:26] Vanilla: didn't we get Vanilla's well-done by having a location first?

[19:46:36] Vanilla: the opera house really gave a good structure through which to choose people

[19:46:51] Wolfe[GM]: I know. I figured I'd try a little less information.

[19:46:53] Vanilla: anyway.

[19:46:56] * Vanilla nods.

[19:47:18] Mother: Why not just down town Phoenix?

[19:47:25] Mother: Or down town Tempe

[19:47:29] Mother: ?

[19:47:35] Wolfe[GM]: Tempe's a good start.

[19:47:54] Wolfe[GM]: So I nominate for the first person a Engineering Graduate Student

[19:47:59] Vanilla: Okay. To throw ideas out there: A mathematics teacher. The owner of a bdsm club. A homeless woman who spends half her time in mental institutes.

[19:48:26] Mother: Hooter girl

[19:48:27] Mother: lol

[19:48:38] Vanilla: no no

[19:48:45] Vanilla: a nurse from the Heart Attack Grill

[19:48:55] Mother: that's not down town Tempe

[19:49:08] Vanilla: yeah, but she can, you know, commute

[19:49:11] Wolfe[GM]: Doesn't matter. Maybe she lives there.

[19:49:21] Wolfe[GM]: Or just happens to be visiting wherever the incident is.

[19:49:26] Vanilla: maybe she LIVES there, and WORKS at the heart attack grill. did you know some people actually live and work in different cities?

[19:49:37] Wolfe[GM]: The Math Prof's TA

[19:49:39] Vanilla: okay, I'm sleep deprived today. that's making me a teensy bit sarcastic.

[19:49:52] Vanilla: the nurse is the TA?

[19:49:56] Vanilla: or are we suggesting another character?

[19:49:59] Wolfe[GM]: No, another character.

[19:50:02] Mother: how about a bus driver or the person at the bus station counter?

[19:50:11] Vanilla: ooo, yeah, a bus driver, totally

[19:50:33] Mother: A driver on the flash so we keep him or her in a relatively close area

[19:50:39] Vanilla: the day care person at the university

[19:51:03] Wolfe[GM]: ASU star quarterback

[19:51:05] Vanilla: heck, make it the driver of the 44, and now we have a connection between Tempe and the grill

[19:51:10] Vanilla: but we can stay vague for now

[19:51:24] Vanilla: a mobile locksmith

[19:51:40] Mother: the ticket collector for the Car garage down there

[19:51:46] Wolfe[GM]: Hm. Bus driver's wife.

[19:51:48] Mother: or a theater ticket person

[19:52:09] Wolfe[GM]: Campus Cop

[19:52:33] Wolfe[GM]: Dorm Resident Advisor

[19:52:34] Vanilla: ROTC officer

[19:52:37] Mother: Street Musician?

[19:52:51] Vanilla: (the liaison between the rotc students and the actual military, I assume there is one)

[19:53:12] Wolfe[GM]: The Officers are actual military.

[19:53:26] Vanilla: a hypnotherapist

[19:53:35] Vanilla: yeah, I thought they were actual military. that's what I mean.

[19:53:45] Vanilla: they are the military representative on campus, this individual.

[19:53:48] Mother: the Dean?

[19:53:50] Wolfe[GM]: We've got enough, if ya'll are done.

[19:54:04] Vanilla: the drum player in a local band

[19:54:06] Wolfe[GM]: Campus Dean, or one of the sub-college deans?

[19:54:11] Mother: yeah

[19:54:20] Mother: either

[19:54:23] Vanilla: spunky blonde student/private investigator

[19:54:39] Wolfe[GM]: Engineering School Dean, then

[19:54:45] Wolfe[GM]: So wait..

[19:54:53] Wolfe[GM]: Do we mean Veronica Mars, or Nancy Drew?

[19:55:18] Vanilla: veronica mars.

[19:55:24] Wolfe[GM]: Heh.. I'll make that one a student reporter/PI

[19:55:30] Vanilla: maybe with some Buffy in there. she was a private person who investigates things

[19:55:31] Wolfe[GM]: Alright, that's enough, I think.

[19:55:46] Wolfe[GM]: So, we've got:

[19:55:48] Wolfe[GM]: Engineering Grad Student
Math Professor
BDSM Club Owner
Homeless Woman, Crazy
Hooter's Girl
'Nurse' from Heart Attack Grill
Math TA
Bus driver
University day care worker
ASU Star Quarterback
Mobile Locksmith
Bus driver's wife
Ticket collector
Campus Cop
Dorm RA
ROTC Officer
Street Musician
Local band drummer
Engineering School Dean
Student Reporter/PI

[19:56:37] Wolfe[GM]: Pick your initial Hosts!

[19:57:33] Vanilla: oh why not. I'll be the 'Nurse'

[19:57:35] Mother: I'll pick the reporter I guess

[19:57:42] * Wolfe[GM] wonders if, assuming he's actively following the chat, JP is entirely lost

[19:57:58] Wolfe[GM]: Okay. Roll 4[1d10] each of you.

[19:58:16] Vanilla: #roll 4[1d10]

[19:58:16] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Vanilla [4[1d10]]: 9 5 8 2 >

[19:58:16] Vanilla: 2 5 8 9

[19:58:17] Mother: #roll 4[1d10]

[19:58:17] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Mother [4[1d10]]: 9 6 5 7 >

[19:58:17] Vanilla: 5 6 7 9

[19:58:43] Wolfe[GM]: Decent spread.

[19:59:01] Wolfe[GM]: Okay, assign those 4 numbers between Body, Mind, Social and Profession.

[19:59:08] Wolfe[GM]: And choose what their Profession is.

[20:00:16] Vanilla: Body 8

[20:00:17] Vanilla: Mind 5

[20:00:17] Vanilla: Social 9

[20:00:18] Vanilla: Profession 2 - Struggling Student

[20:01:09] Wolfe[GM]: So she's bad at struggling, huh?

[20:01:12] * Wolfe[GM] grins

[20:01:23] Mother: Host: Student Reporter/PI

[20:01:24] Mother: Body-5

[20:01:24] Mother: Mind-9

[20:01:24] Mother: Social- 6

[20:01:24] Mother: Profession-(Reporter) 7

[20:01:34] Wolfe[GM]: I'm just gonna assume that she's not so good as a student...

[20:01:41] Vanilla: Heh. Yeah

[20:01:45] Wolfe[GM]: Alrighty then.

[20:01:47] Wolfe[GM]: Lx first.

[20:01:49] Vanilla: She's pretty good at actually struggling (body 8)

[20:01:57] Wolfe[GM]: Back to _nar..

[20:02:14] Vanilla: Carry on, my wayward son.

[20:02:18] Wolfe[GM]: Why are you asterisking me?

[20:02:31] Vanilla: to mark a new scene

[20:02:51] Vanilla: sorry, habit

[20:04:05] Wolfe[GM]: Oh, shit.

[20:04:10] Wolfe[GM]: Forgot a vital step or two.

[20:04:50] Wolfe[GM]: Roll 1d12 each of you.

[20:05:23] Mother: #roll 1d12

[20:05:24] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Mother [1d12]: 11>

[20:06:25] Vanilla: #roll 1d12

[20:06:26] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Vanilla [1d12]: 2>

[20:06:36] Vanilla: should it be the percentile chart in the book?

[20:06:54] Wolfe[GM]: Mother: Your Host's Synch trait is Dark Orange.

[20:06:59] Wolfe[GM]: Either way works.

[20:08:25] Wolfe[GM]: Vanilla, your Host's Synch trait is Dark Red

[20:08:39] Wolfe[GM]: Mother's Unity rating is 1 with her Host

[20:09:18] Wolfe[GM]: Vanilla's Unity Rating is 4 + 1 for Synched, 5.

[20:09:51] Wolfe[GM]: Hence her starting Access is 5 and her Occlusion is 1.

[20:11:16] Wolfe[GM]: Back to _nar, ever so quickly.

[20:11:27] Wolfe[GM]: Fuck, no..

[20:11:35] Vanilla: ?

[20:11:37] Wolfe[GM]: Roll your Perception scores, both of you, in d10

[20:11:46] Vanilla: #roll 3[1d10]

[20:11:46] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Vanilla [3[1d10]]: 3 2 1 >

[20:11:46] Vanilla: 1 2 3

[20:11:50] Wolfe[GM]: Oof.

[20:11:53] Vanilla: see?

[20:11:58] Vanilla: see why I avoid things like Slivers?

[20:12:07] Mother: #roll 1d10

[20:12:07] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Mother [1d10]: 3>

[20:12:24] Wolfe[GM]: Alright. Passive perception for each of you is 3.

[20:12:37] Vanilla: do we even have Mortis points?

[20:12:42] Wolfe[GM]: Nope.

[20:12:47] Vanilla: or is that left over from last... okay

[20:12:48] Wolfe[GM]: Well, wait. Yes.

[20:12:53] Wolfe[GM]: Equal to your Power.

[20:13:16] Wolfe[GM]: NOW back to _nar

[20:13:18] Vanilla: Alright. So nope, we don't, except for that we do.

[20:13:20] * Vanilla goes back to nar

[20:14:56] Vanilla: So if the guy wasn't dirty and ragged... Vanilla tries to imagine what he'd look like cleaned up and in a suit, in other words.

[20:15:16] Wolfe[GM]: Still pretty rough. Life hasn't been good to him.

[20:17:57] Wolfe[GM]: page 16 for Occlusion

[20:19:07] Vanilla: this is a warrior nurse, apparently

[20:20:05] Wolfe[GM]: So I'm noticing.

[20:22:47] Vanilla: save the nurse, save the world

[20:22:54] Wolfe[GM]: ...

[20:22:59] * Wolfe[GM] kilz u

[20:23:30] Vanilla: can I at least get the nurse's name out of her thoughts? creative license to just name her?

[20:23:42] Wolfe[GM]: Sure.

[20:25:43] Vanilla: Vanilla just has no clue how to actually TALK to someone without a body. I'm hoping this is coming across.

[20:25:44] Wolfe[GM]: A good place to cut.. or shenk, as it were.

[20:25:52] Wolfe[GM]: And yeah.

[20:25:56] Vanilla: also a g good place to... stop if I want to get to my place on time

[20:26:11] Vanilla: though you and Rhonda can do her scene, do JP's stuff, etc.

[20:26:16] Wolfe[GM]: Right. You can read the log of what we do for Rhonda's scene when you come back.

[20:30:11] Wolfe[GM]: JP, are you about?

[20:34:21] Mother: damn type O's

[20:40:35] Mother: #roll 1d10

[20:40:36] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Mother [1d10]: 1>

[20:41:58] Mother: Ok my host lives in walking distance of campus

[20:51:40] Wolfe[GM]: #roll 5[1d10]

[20:51:41] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Wolfe[GM] [5[1d10]]: 1 1 10 2 10 >

[20:51:41] *** -RPGServ- <Roll [5[1d10]]: 1 1 10 2 10 >

[20:51:41] Vanilla: 1 1 2 10 10

[20:52:00] Wolfe[GM]: 3 successes for the Host.

[20:52:04] Mother: #roll 5[1d10]

[20:52:04] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Mother [5[1d10]]: 5 9 2 4 2 >

[20:52:05] Vanilla: 2 2 4 5 9

[20:52:10] Wolfe[GM]: 2 for you.

[20:56:54] Mother: Do I get a sense at all about how she feels about the boy in front of me?

[20:57:18] Wolfe[GM]: Not at the moment. She's too focused on what's going on in her head.

[20:57:31] Wolfe[GM]: Another info check might reveal that information.

[20:57:52] Mother: #roll 1d10

[20:57:52] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Mother [1d10]: 10>

[20:57:55] Wolfe[GM]: Nope.

[21:00:35] Mother: #roll 5[1d10]

[21:00:35] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Mother [5[1d10]]: 6 3 8 4 2 >

[21:00:36] Wolfe[GM]: #roll 5

[21:00:36] Vanilla: 2 3 4 6 8

[21:00:36] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Wolfe[GM] [5[1d10]]: 2 1 3 1 7 >

[21:00:37] *** -RPGServ- <Roll [5[1d10]]: 2 1 3 1 7 >

[21:00:37] Vanilla: 1 1 2 3 7

[21:00:54] Mother: ugh

[21:01:01] Wolfe[GM]: 3 vs 2 in favor of the Host. Occlusion lowers by 1 more.

[21:23:16] Wolfe[GM]: #roll 5[1d10]

[21:23:17] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Wolfe[GM] [5[1d10]]: 1 6 10 3 2 >

[21:23:17] *** -RPGServ- <Roll [5[1d10]]: 1 6 10 3 2 >

[21:23:18] Vanilla: 1 2 3 6 10

[21:23:33] Mother: #roll 5[1d10]

[21:23:33] *** -RPGServ- <Roll for Mother [5[1d10]]: 10 3 2 9 5 >

[21:23:34] Vanilla: 2 3 5 9 10

[21:23:45] Mother: damn it

[21:23:47] Wolfe[GM]: And Occlusion lowers by one more.

End of Session