ReCoil Playtest Session #1

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Cast and players:

     (internal monologue done in blue)

[19:26] <Vanilla[Lx]> Candles always burn in Vanilla's room, bright and shining - and outside the window, it's always dark, the moon hanging visible, changing phases to mimic her moods. She loves the bath, loves to fill it with bubbles and lounge in it, just float away and leave all thought behind.

[19:26] <Vanilla[Lx]> Incense burns too, filling the room with smoke and smells. Vanilla's room is a cornucopia of odors, each overlaying one another. The strongest, of course, is the smell of vanilla, her strongest memory of the life before. She's all alone, unfortunately, and this saddens her. The moon outside is dark and dim.

[19:28] <Wolfe{GM}> There comes upon the door a distinct tapping, as of something dry and brittle, in the rhythm that some might recall as "shave and a haircut"

[19:29] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla sighs and rises from the tub, bubbles clinging to her skin. She wraps a towel around herself langorously, and moseys on over to the door.

[19:32] <Wolfe{GM}> as the door opens, it reveals an apparition out of nightmare; tall, looking down from within a shadowed cowl the empty sockets are fixed upon her. from within the folds of the midnight cloak which conceals the rest of the ghastly form rises a skeletal hand and arm, raised as though to tap once more upon the door. <Introducing Mortis>

[19:33] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla takes a few steps back, involuntarily... she doesn't think she'll ever get used to his appearance. After taking a few breaths to calm herself, she says, "Yes?"

[19:33] <Wolfe{GM}> "I did not mean to disturb, but I need you."

[19:34] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Um... okay... let me just get dressed?"

[19:36] <Wolfe{GM}> The vacant eyes stare for a moment, as though not comprehending. "Of course, as you wish." the tone is dryly amused, as though by the foibles of one who was once mortal

[19:38] <Vanilla[Lx]> Shooting Mortis a dirty look, Vanilla quickly slips something on.

[19:39] <Wolfe{GM}> Mortis waits patiently, as though it had all the time in the world

[19:40] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Okay? Um, I'm ready now..."

[19:42] <Wolfe{GM}> With a nod, Mortis steps aside so that she can exit, and as she does, her room seems to fade into mist, replaced by a larger, more austere room with a large matte black ovoid in the center of the room. The room is well known to all Agents, as it is the room used to ReCoil.

[19:43] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla sighs as her room fades away. "Oh... no."

[19:43] <Wolfe{GM}> "No?"

[19:44] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Um... nevermind? I'm just nervous. I can do this. Really." She gives Mortis a reassuring smile, or what she thinks is one, anyway.

[19:45] <Wolfe{GM}> "Good. there is no one else. All the others are already within the Coil on a mission. This one is smaller, but just as important."

[19:46] <Vanilla[Lx]> At the word "smaller," Vanilla perks up slightly. She stands straight. "I'm your man. Er, woman."

[19:48] <Wolfe{GM}> Mortis gestures toward the ovoid on the floor, indicating that she is to step onto it.

[19:48] <Vanilla[Lx]> Tentatively, Vanilla moves towards the ovoid, finally stepping on it.

[19:50] <Wolfe{GM}> "One woman killed, seemingly torn in half, within the opera house in New York. That is all I know." Mortis looks at Vanilla, empty sockets seeming to appraise her, gauging if she's ready for her first mission.

[19:51] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Torn in half?! Oh, how dreadful!"

[19:52] <Wolfe{GM}> A nod. "You have two and a half hours."

[19:53] <Vanilla[Lx]> "That's IT?! Oh boy oh boy oh boy..." Vanilla clenches a fist, and visibly calms herself down. "No. I can DO this..."

[19:54] <Wolfe{GM}> "When you're ready?"

[19:54] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Now. We can't waste any time."

[19:55] <Wolfe{GM}> A nod, and it waits.

[19:55] <Vanilla[Lx]> "ReCoil."

[19:57] <Wolfe{GM}> The room and Mortis seem to fade out in a gaussian blur, and the colors left over begin to swirl and become darker, until nothing is visible but an immense nocturnal coil..."

[20:17] <Wolfe{GM}> Vanilla finds herself staring into the faced of a beautiful young woman. Her hair is honey blonde, worn up in a tight bun, and her eyes are a dreamy blue. Her complexion is flawless, and nicely showcased by the low-cut bodice of her costume gown

[20:18] <Wolfe{GM}> As she looks around, she realizes that the face is that of her own host, and she is looking into a dressing room mirror

[20:21] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla primps for a minute or two, finishing up Lynn'x make-up, delighted to have the feeling of ACTUAL flesh instead of the evanescent fake sensations the Penumbra can bring. Oh, she'd forgotten what it feels like to be ALIVE.

[20:21] <Vanilla[Lx]> But... some poor woman was going to be torn apart in the next few hours. Maybe even HER. Or, Lynn rather. She quickly finished her make-up and got up to look around.

[20:23] <Wolfe{GM}> It is a small dressing room, not much larger than a walk in closet, and a set of street clothes is hanging from a hook on the door; a pair of jeans and a tanktop, with a set of tennis shoes on the floor

[20:25] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla scoffs, much preferring the bodice and gown. Checking her make-up one last time, she takes a deep breath and opens the door to go outside.

[20:26] <Wolfe{GM}> immediately upon opening the door, she hears the sounds of arguing.. a woman's voice, and a man's.

[20:38] <Wolfe{GM}> The male's voice strikes a memory in her host's mind, but Vanilla is pretty sure her host has never met the owner of the female voice.

[20:39] <Vanilla[Lx]> "I'm ready for my close-up," Vanilla mumbles, then walks towards the sounds of the rising argument. She tugs at her bodice, making sure she's displaying all her assets.

[20:41] <Wolfe{GM}> "You cannot talk to her until after the show!" the male voice shouts. "She gave me explicit directions. She must be focused until it is over." "Nonsense!" replies the female voice. "She agreed over the phone to an interview at six pm, and her it is almost ten past that!"

[20:43] <Vanilla[Lx]> Hmmm... Vanilla thinks... That puts my deadline at eight thirty... no later.

[20:43] <Wolfe{GM}> "Listen, we had an agreement. I won't distract her too much, I just want to get some impressions before the show begins. Is that too much to ask?"

[20:45] <Wolfe{GM}> "She said no exceptions. This is the premier night of the Maestro's finest show, and she wants no distractions!"

[20:46] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Thomas," Vanilla says, maneuvering Lynn's body out into the open, "what is going on here?"

[20:47] <Wolfe{GM}> Both the woman, wearing a camera around her neck, and a press badge, and the tuxedoed man turn as Lynn approaches. The reporter perks, perhaps mistaking her for the ingenue.

[20:48] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla extends a hand to the woman, acting for all the world like she is the star. "Hello, and you are?"

[20:48] <Wolfe{GM}> This... woman won't take no for an answer.

[20:49] <Wolfe{GM}> "I'd be doing a lot better if not for this officious prick, Mrs. D'arcy." Yup. She's mistaken Lynn for Christa D'arcy, the ingenue.

[20:50] <Wolfe{GM}> Thomas goes red at the 'prick' comment, but the reporter just speaks on. "We did have an agreement, and I'm sure you realize a few questions won't distract you too much.

[20:56] <Wolfe{GM}> Thomas explodes. "Fine, a prick am I? You go right ahead, Miss Bitch. I don't have to deal with mouthy reporters. I quit!" And with one apologetic look to Lynn, he storms off.

[21:00] <Vanilla[Lx]> "I apologize for Thomas's impudence, Ms..." Vanilla glances disdainfully at the press pass, since the reporter failed to give her own name.

[21:01] <Wolfe{GM}> "Southard, Wanda Southard, with the Times." The press pass confirms the name. "Is there some place we could go so I could ask you a few questions, Mrs. D'Arcy?"

[21:02] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Certainly. I know a private room just down this hallway, as a matter of fact..." And, assuming no snags, Vanilla leads Wanda to the room she "woke up" in.

[21:03] <Wolfe{GM}> "Oh, dear. Is this your dressing room?"

[21:04] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Oh, of COURSE not... my dressing room is always crawling with attendants and hangers-on. No privacy, none at all! This, on the other hand, is where I sneak off to get away."

[21:06] <Wolfe{GM}> "How brilliant. Well." looks around, seeing there's only the one seat that says "Understudy" on the back, but makes no comment.

[21:08] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Please, do sit down," Vanilla says, trying hard to keep the charade up. Perhaps this little change (or is it one?) will be enough to stop the bad thing from happening, she thinks to herself, and crosses her fingers. The only woman she didn't have an eye on was D'Arcy herself...

[21:09] <Wolfe{GM}> "Ah, alright. This won't take too long." She settles, then pulls out a tape-recorder. "You don't mind if I tape our conversation? I just want to get a few pre-show impressions."

[21:14] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Oh, of course."

[21:16] <Wolfe{GM}> "Alright, let's begin, shall we?" She clicks the tape recorder on. "Mrs. D'Arcy, How do you think the show is going to go, based on your rehearsals?"

[21:17] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Oh," Vanilla says, hoping to ride the coattails of the D'Arcy name a little longer, "I have high hopes for the production. The cast all works together so beautifully. Except for my sister, of course."

[21:18] <Wolfe{GM}> The reporter's eyes gleam, seeing the chance for some juicy cast gossip. "Your sister's in the production, as well?"

[21:19] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla looks shocked. "You mean, you didn't know?"

[21:20] <Wolfe{GM}> "No. The production manager has been very close-mouthed about the whole production, only releasing the headlining names to the press." She leans forward, smiling in a "confide in me" sort of way. "So, your sister doesn't work with the rest of the cast so well?

[21:20] <Wolfe{GM}> "

[21:22] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Oh no, not at all. But she's got the talent, so she gets the big roles." Vanilla works Lynn's lip out into quite a cute pout, if she had to say so herself.

[21:22] <Wolfe{GM}> "The.. big roles?" Looks uncertain of herself.

[21:23] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Why YES," Vanilla says, finally dropping the bomb, "she's the star!"

[21:24] <Wolfe{GM}> CLICK goes the stop button on the tape recorder. "You're not Christa D'Arcy?"

[21:25] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla gasps, hopefully looking genuine. "No, I'm her sister, Lynn D'Arcy! Oh, I'm so embarassed..."

[21:26] <Wolfe{GM}> "Oh my god, what a waste of..." Ms. Southard stands abruptly. "Thank you for your time, Lynn. I have to go." She turns, reaching for the door.

[21:28] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Oh please, please don't be mad," Vanilla says for Lynn, but purposefully moves slowly, so that she can chase Wanda OUT the door, instead of corner her inside the tiny room.

[21:29] <Wolfe{GM}> "I'm not mad. Just... frustrated. Can you direct me to your sister's dressing room, please?"

[21:29] <Wolfe{GM}> She stops in the hall, looking back to Lynn.

[21:30] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Oh, sure, I'll walk you there. I'm sorry to be of any trouble. Come this way." Vanilla flounces (there's no other word to describe it) towards Christa's dressing room.

[21:31] <Wolfe{GM}> Wanda follows, schooling her expression.

[21:42] <Wolfe{GM}> Soon enough, they are standing outside Christa's dressing room. From within, muffled voices can be heard.. Those of Christa, her husband, and Thomas

[21:43] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla realizes a bit too late that Lynn would know of Christa's intolerance of Wanda's kind, but by then she's already said, "go right in." Oh god, I'm making things worse, aren't I? Oh no, oh no, oh no...

[21:45] <Wolfe{GM}> "Thank you, Lynn." Wanda's voice is actually friendly as she taps lightly, then opens the door, letting the sound of voices be heard much more clearly

[21:45] <Wolfe{GM}> Thomas: I'm sorry, Mrs. D'Arcy, but I can't deal with working for you anymore. You have my resignation, so simply accept it.

[21:47] <Wolfe{GM}> Christa: Thomas, there is no.. who let you in??

[21:49] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Sis, meet Wanda Southard. Wanda, this is Christa D'Arcy." Vanilla winks at Thomas, but looks at Lynn's sister. "Wanda's a reporter. I'm sure you can give her some time. Come on, Tom, let's give these two some privacy..."

[21:52] <Wolfe{GM}> Tom looks at you like you're nuts, smiles wanly, and steps out as the explosion begins.

[21:54] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla does her best to close the door behind Tom before the explosion begins.

[21:55] <Wolfe{GM}> "Are you nuts, Lynn? You know how your sister hates reporters... And she's in fine form tonight, too."

[21:57] <Vanilla[Lx]> "I know, I got all flustered, and then it was too late... I'm sure she won't hurt the reporter tooooo bad, though." Vanilla leans in and gives Tom a kiss.

[21:58] <Wolfe{GM}> from behind the door, Vanilla and Tom hear Christa berating and threatening the unlucky reporter. Tom smiles slightly. "I don't think I'd mind if your sister hurt her a little."

[22:00] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla pulls Tom away from the door. "Let's get out of here before she's done," she says, nibbling his ear. "I'm sure we can find someplace... private. I won't be going on stage tonight anyway."

[22:01] <Wolfe{GM}> "Probably not. I was serious when I said I quit, though. I'm sick and tired of Christa's attitude, especially the way she treats you." He follows along as he's talking. "I hope you're not mad at me. I'll find another job, I promise."

[22:04] <Vanilla[Lx]> She pulls him into the broom closet Christa stuck her with again. "I'm not mad. I know you've been on edge, thanks to her." (Rubbing Tom's shoulders) "She can be a harsh taskmaster. But you're a GOOD agent, I'm sure you'll find someone else real soon."

[22:07] <Wolfe{GM}> "Maybe even you?" Vanilla seems to remember that Tom's got more faith than sense when it comes to Lynn's talent.

[22:12] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla doesn't even have to try to blush; Lynn's body seems made for it. She probably gets embarassed a lot. The two bodies move towards each other, and at this point the scene most likely fades to black.

[22:14] <Wolfe{GM}> ...fade back in. Tom must have been on edge, because he's out like a light, an hour later. It's awfully cramped in the dressing room, but that boy doesn't seem to mind.

[22:15] <Wolfe{GM}> It might occur to wonder if Mortis or Prime can see what she's doing. Chances are, she never thought to ask.

[22:16] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Those perverts," she says after kissing Tom's forehead. "Getting their jollies off watching me. Ugh!" Vanilla shudders, then heads out of the dressing room to the sounds of the opera-in-progress.

[22:18] <Wolfe{GM}> If she checks her watch and Lynn's memory, the show should be ending in just over an hour, which would put her time limit right in the middle of the final scene.

[22:19] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla peeks out at the audience, and on stage, looking for any signs of Naughtwraith activity.

[22:20] <Wolfe{GM}> The house is full to the roof tonight, every seat filled, and Christa and the male lead are engaged in some melodic interplay.

[22:21] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla waves at poor Wanda, huddled in a seat somewhere near the front, not looking happy at all, but if Wanda notices her, she gives no indication.

[22:21] <Wolfe{GM}> Nothing unusual catches her eye, however.

[22:22] <Vanilla[Lx]> Well, SOMETHING is going to rip a woman apart ON THAT STAGE in no more than an hour... It could be Wanda, or Christa, or ME! I mean, Lynn. Of course, maybe I already changed that. Maybe it's someone else who's going to die now. Oh, no....

[22:22] <Wolfe{GM}> In her scannings, she notices the production manager standing with Christa's husband in the far wing, just across the stage, and the bobbing head and gesturing hands of the conductor.

[22:24] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla again steels herself. Calm down, Vanilla. Calm down. She looks at "Mr D'Arcy" (as Lynn apparently nicknamed him) and the production manager, and waits for something. Anything.

[22:25] <Wolfe{GM}> As she waits, time ticks on.. then the scene comes to an end, and the players scurry off the stage, Christa giving Vanilla a dirty look as she does so, then the lights dim, and the band begins playing the intermission.

[22:26] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla shoots one last suspicious glance at the audience, looking again for Wanda (she doesn't want the reporter to get in any MORE trouble), then hurries off after Christa.

[22:28] <Wolfe{GM}> Christa, after taking a glass of purified water and drinking it daintily, though quickly, turns on her with a snarl "Lynn, you did that out of spite, you ungrateful wretch of a sister. Why would you do that? Are you trying to ruin the show??"

[22:29] <Wolfe{GM}> A girl comes up behind Christa, reaching for her lower back

[22:29] <Vanilla[Lx]> "I'm sorry, sis. But after hearing Tom was going to quit, and then this reporter came after ME, thinking I was YOU... I just got flustered." Vanilla sighs dramatically, then pauses halfway as she watches the girl coming up behind Christa. No, no, no, it's too early...

[22:30] <Wolfe{GM}> the girl grabs at something on Christa's lower back, and Christa gasps

[22:30] <Wolfe{GM}> Oohhhhhh!

[22:31] <Wolfe{GM}> That feels so good.. I notice you've already got your corset undone, sister. Weren't planning on taking the stage if I felt ill, were you?

[22:32] <Vanilla[Lx]> "I am the understudy," Vanilla says, "but you were hardly looking ill when you tore into poor Wanda earlier. And I HATE wearing those things..."

[22:33] <Wolfe{GM}> From somewhere further back in the wings. "5 minutes!"

[22:34] <Wolfe{GM}> "And I don't? Well, hurry and tie me back up, sister. You wouldn't want me going back out there hanging loose like I'd had some great ape of a man pawing at me, would you?"

[22:35] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Of course not, sis. Of course not." Vanilla then proceeds to tie the corset up so that it'll slowly unravel over the course of the next fifteen minutes.

[22:36] <Wolfe{GM}> Christa takes another drink of water, then dabs daintily at the small droplets of sweat on her powdered brow

[22:37] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Oh, I wish I had gotten the talent instead of the looks... I'm so jealous of you. Star of the opera..."

[22:37] <Wolfe{GM}> "Yes, well, the show must go on." And she sweeps back out toward the stage as they begin placing for the next scene

[22:38] <Vanilla[Lx]> Done with her banter, Vanilla again looks around, hoping to see some evidence of what she was sent here for.

[22:38] <Wolfe{GM}> Nothing seems to be notably out of place.

[22:39] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla specifically checks Wanda... still there? Besides that, she's just going to watch the stage, and stop any sort of "woman-getting-torn-in-half" shenanigans.

[22:44] <Wolfe{GM}> Vanilla stands in the wing, watching the show, occasionally lending a hand when things need to be moved about, but focused on the stage. Despite her watchfulness, or perhaps because of it, she is fully conversant that the opera is a love story, and it speaks to her heart

[22:45] <Wolfe{GM}> It is going into the final scene, but still nothing has happened. What if it's not actually on the stage? Could she be in the wrong place?

[22:45] <Vanilla[Lx]> Mortis, that BASTARD! He lied to me! Vanilla starts fuming, and checks her watch again.

[22:46] <Wolfe{GM}> Vanilla hear's Christa's voice lifting into the final notes of the song, and knows time is running out, if it has not already.

[22:47] <Wolfe{GM}> Just then, all of the house lights blaze on, and all of the lights in the wings, as well, partially blinding poor Lynn with the shock of it.

[22:48] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Look out!" Vanilla, abandoning all caution, leaps onto the stage and knocks Christa out of the way of, well, anything.

[22:49] <Wolfe{GM}> Christa gives a shriek of rage as she's sent tumbling into the wings, leaving Lynn to squint out toward the house, standing in the spotlight where her sister had been.

[22:50] <Wolfe{GM}> And, hovering above the stage, the cause of many oohs and ahhs from the audience, is the conductor, his hands curled like claws

[22:57] <Wolfe{GM}> The floating conductor swoops down and crashes his fist into Vanilla Lynn's forehead, knocking her to her knees.

[23:02] <Vanilla[Lx]> At the same moment, Vanilla brings into existence a golden whip, crackling with a warm, reddish glow (it's made out of love). She cracks it at the conductor, slashing it several times across its chest, dropping a green ichor on the stage.

[23:02] <Vanilla[Lx]> It howls in pain.

[23:03] <Wolfe{GM}> and the conductor falls, his shirt torn, but his body apparently unwounded... up until the point when his body strikes the stage, his head making a painful echo as it thuds upon the hardwood deck

[23:04] <Wolfe{GM}> the audience is dead silent, stunned by the turn of events, and unsure of exactly what is going on. This certainly isn't how they'd expected Anna Karenina to go.

[23:06] <Wolfe{GM}> Christa comes shrieking onto the stage, her tone strident and insistent. "What in the world do you think you're doing?? You will never play in this town again! You're not my sister, god, I hate you! You've ruined everything with your spiteful jealousy!"

[23:10] <Vanilla[Lx]> "Ruined everything? I SAVED YOUR LIFE!" Vanilla heals Lynn's injuries ("Just a flesh wound"), fakes a swoon, and then lets go as she falls to the ground, leaving Lynn behind to deal with Christa and everything else.

[23:12] <Wolfe{GM}> Everything goes grey and begins to spin, until finally she's greeted with the same spartan chamber she left, and the impassive visage of Mortis. "Congratulations, you've succeeded."

[23:13] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla shoots Mortis another dirty look, sure now that he was watching when she was with Tom. But she doesn't say anything except, "It was tougher than I thought!"

[23:14] <Wolfe{GM}> "You succeeded. You saved lives. That is all that counts. Go relax for a bit.. You've earned it, Agent."

[23:15] <Vanilla[Lx]> Vanilla heads back to her room, where the candles are lit, the incense is burning, the bath is drawn, and the moon is shining bright and full out the window.

PC Stats at end of game:
Name: Vanilla
Defining Memory: The smell of vanilla, the touch of soft hands, gentle kisses, melodic laughter, milky skin, the starry sky and a crescent moon.
Conviction: Love Conquers All - 3
+ Genuine Displays of Passion
- Alienation of Affection
Synchronicity: Bright Orange
Perception: 3
Power: 5
~Power Boost

Character Pool: 27
Mortis: 2 (3 points spent)
Passive Perception: 9
Masking: 10 (bumped just before the conflict on the stage)
Synch Level: 4 (originally a 3, but bumped up by one due to her Synched Talent)

Host Traits
Name: Lynn D'Arcy
Synch Trait: Bright Yellow
Profession: Opera Singer - 1 (she wasn't much of an understudy..)
Body: 5
Precision: 7
Perception: 7