ReCoil Playtest Session #2 OOC Log
(edited for focus)

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[18:46] <Lxndr> okay, so first, character generation...

[18:46] <Wolfe{GM}> Character creation. Got a piece of paper handy?

[18:46] <Lxndr> notepad

[18:47] <Wolfe{GM}> Cool.

[18:47] <Lxndr> first, a defining memory, right?

[18:47] <Wolfe{GM}> Yup.

[18:48] <Lxndr> the smell of vanilla

[18:48] <Wolfe{GM}> ...

[18:48] <Wolfe{GM}> This.. is going to be odd.

[18:48] <Lxndr> is that a non-valid memory?

[18:48] <Wolfe{GM}> Oh, btw.. I suppose I ought to mention that we're going to play in the "default" setting.

[18:49] <Wolfe{GM}> If you can make it valid, it is.

[18:49] <Lxndr> it's a bit vague to define a conviction

[18:49] <Wolfe{GM}> S'my thought.

[18:50] <Lxndr> okay, I'm expanding it

[18:51] <Lxndr> The smell of vanilla, the touch of soft hands, gentle kisses, melodic laughter, milky skin, the starry sky, and a crescent moon

[18:52] <Lxndr> would a valid conviction be "love conquers all"?

[18:52] <Wolfe{GM}> Alright. I can see that.

[18:52] <Wolfe{GM}> It can be, so long as you can come up with your + and - conditions.

[18:54] <Lxndr> conviction: "love conquers all".

[18:54] <Lxndr> + condition: "genuine displays of passion"

[18:54] <Lxndr> - condition: "alienation of affection"

[18:55] <Lxndr> can you work with that?

[18:55] <Wolfe{GM}> Mm. Give me an example of when you would expect to gain, and when you would expect to fail under those conditions.

[18:56] <Wolfe{GM}> fail = lose

[18:56] <Lxndr> losses - being unable to smooth out significant domestic disputes. I also want to see some sort loss through "being rejected"

[18:57] <Wolfe{GM}> Alright, I can work with that. Now, gains?

[18:58] <Lxndr> gains - NOT being rejected (passionate scenes we'd likely skip over), also witnessing displays of passion that reaffirm his conviction of love conquering all (up to you... hopefully nothing as cheesy as the couple-running-across-a-field-to-each-other's-arms, but that general type of thing)

[18:58] <Wolfe{GM}> Alrighty. Cool, then. Roll a d10 for your Conviction score.

[18:58] <Lxndr> ah yes, I'd forgotten... randomness in chargen.

[18:58] <Lxndr> #roll 1[1d10]

[18:58] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Lxndr [1[1d10]]: 2 >

[18:59] <Wolfe{GM}> A rarity, I know.

[18:59] <Wolfe{GM}> Ouch.

[18:59] <Lxndr> Ouch indeed

[18:59] <Wolfe{GM}> Well, it's fluid..

[18:59] <Lxndr> I'm going through a rough time. My last mission, I couldn't get ANY tail...

[18:59] * Wolfe{GM} laughs

[19:00] <Wolfe{GM}> Now, choose your Synchronicity trait.

[19:00] <Lxndr> now I pick a color

[19:00] <Wolfe{GM}> yup.

[19:00] <Lxndr> bright orange

[19:00] <Lxndr> Healer

[19:01] <Wolfe{GM}> Okay.

[19:01] <Lxndr> this is someone who gains conviction by smoothing out domestic disputes, I figured either healer or caretaker made the most sense

[19:01] * Wolfe{GM} nods

[19:01] <Wolfe{GM}> I can see your logic.

[19:01] <Wolfe{GM}> Now, your talents.

[19:01] <Lxndr> let me read through them again

[19:02] <Wolfe{GM}> I'm going to make a few rolls, to be sure we've got a good random spread.

[19:02] <Lxndr> okay

[19:02] <Lxndr> you're going to take all the good rolls

[19:03] <Wolfe{GM}> #roll 1[1d10]

[19:03] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Wolfe{GM} [1[1d10]]: 5 >

[19:03] <Wolfe{GM}> #roll 10[1d10]

[19:03] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Wolfe{GM} [10[1d10]]: 6 8 5 6 3 2 3 2 5 1 >

[19:04] <Lxndr> remind me what the power trait does?

[19:04] <Wolfe{GM}> Alright, looks like it's working alright.

[19:05] <Wolfe{GM}> Power is what you roll to make any sort of ability work, as well as the limit of your Mortis rating, and Mortis works as both hitpoints and points to power abilities.

[19:05] <Lxndr> you refer to "The Power Trait is Raised to 5" (and you refer to Perception) in the talents section, before you define the terms. actually, wait, where DO you define those terms?

[19:05] <Wolfe{GM}> You know, I was looking for that the other day, too. I know I did, but I can't find them,.

[19:06] <Wolfe{GM}> It's possible that the definitions were lost by some sort of error in saving.

[19:06] <Wolfe{GM}> Normally Power is 3, and Perception is 1.

[19:07] <Lxndr> * Resonant

[19:07] <Lxndr> * Synched

[19:07] <Lxndr> * Perceptive

[19:07] <Lxndr> * Power Boost

[19:07] <Wolfe{GM}> Wow. No Slivers, huh?

[19:08] <Wolfe{GM}> Alrighty.

[19:08] <Lxndr> Whenever I have a choice between "roll dice for something" and "don't roll dice for something," I avoid the dice. it's the pessimist in me.

[19:08] <Wolfe{GM}> Alright.

[19:08] <Lxndr> I will say, the Slivers attracted me... but the die roll scared me away

[19:09] <Wolfe{GM}> Record your traits, then. use the image on page 7 as a guideline.

[19:10] <Lxndr> (I am amused, though - here I am, a healer, who is all about love... yet all I can do is use martial arts and guns. no wonder I didn't get any play)

[19:10] <Wolfe{GM}> Don't forget M.A. and Firearms at 3

[19:10] <Wolfe{GM}> Agents are taught that, because Prime feels that they could be vital skills.

[19:10] <Lxndr> oh, it makes sense.

[19:11] <Wolfe{GM}> It's just cause for humor?

[19:11] <Wolfe{GM}> Alrighty.. How about a name there, stranger?

[19:11] <Lxndr> no, I didn't realize that part. but it fits... this person doesn't have much of their mortality left, so their only skills are, at this point, what prime gave them. but it runs counter to the conviction

[19:12] <Lxndr> what naming rules are there, if any?

[19:12] <Wolfe{GM}> Well, not if your character is partnered with Love.. "Love conquers all".. She'd like that.

[19:12] <Wolfe{GM}> None.

[19:13] <Wolfe{GM}> Vanilla?

[19:13] <Lxndr> well, as odd as it is, this character started with the memory of Vanilla, so yeah...

[19:13] <Wolfe{GM}> ::chuckles:: I love it.

[19:13] <Lxndr> so I have a perception of 3, a power of 5, a mortis of 5, and a passive of... 0?

[19:13] <Wolfe{GM}> passive is determined when you Coil

[19:13] <Wolfe{GM}> Mortis is as well.

[19:14] <Wolfe{GM}> (though, yeah, it'll be a 5 to begin)

[19:14] <Lxndr> but power boost says "this means mortis is raised to 5"

[19:14] <Lxndr> very well, either way.

[19:14] <Wolfe{GM}> Maximum Mortis is 5, but it's a pool type of trait, so it goes up and down while you play.

[19:14] <Wolfe{GM}> Sort of like mana and life, all rolled into one.

[19:14] <Wolfe{GM}> Okay, so..

[19:15] <Lxndr> so, my love-loving martial-arts-gun-bunny named Vanilla is ready to go?

[19:15] <Wolfe{GM}> Yup.

[19:15] <Lxndr> nifty

[19:15] <Wolfe{GM}> Okay, let's start..

[19:15] <Lxndr> and with a header... unless either Nate or Chris decides to jump in, we start

[19:16] <Wolfe{GM}> --ReCoil playtest 1--

[19:16] <Lxndr> no, narration in the other window

[19:16] <Wolfe{GM}> First off, just kind of imagine what your character's room looks like in Penumbra.

[19:17] <Wolfe{GM}> Once you've a decent idea, set the scene over in _nar

[19:17] <Lxndr> heh. are ALL the online GMs of the philosophy of "let the players narrate"? ;) (I know I am)

[[19:18] * Game is now known as Wolfe{GM}

[19:18] * Vanilla[Lx] goes to read a bit about Penumbra

[19:19] <Vanilla[Lx]> I suppose I should decide on a gender for Vanilla? or is that not a big deal for Vanilla's kind?

[19:19] <Wolfe{GM}> Penumbra is whatever you want it to be.

[19:20] <Wolfe{GM}> You can. I would think most dead mortals would identify with a gender. If not, you'll want to make it known that Vanilla has none.

[19:20] <Vanilla[Lx]> I'm thinking Vanilla is female.

[19:20] <Wolfe{GM}> Alright.

[19:21] <Vanilla[Lx]> though I'd think gender is one of the first things to go... it's hard to really THINK that way, at least in English

[19:21] <Wolfe{GM}> Eh?

[19:21] <Vanilla[Lx]> well, I would think that, being dead, gender identity would be one of the first things to be stripped away.

[19:21] <Vanilla[Lx]> this isn't the right time for the philosophy, though :)

[19:22] <Wolfe{GM}> I'm not saying you'd necessarily choose the gender that you were born with.. just that which seems to go with the defining memory.

[19:22] <Wolfe{GM}> I'm imagining that Vanilla was, in life, a romantic young man, who held females in such high regard that his defining memory on dying was definitely female in flavor.

[19:22] <Vanilla[Lx]> probably so

[19:23] <Wolfe{GM}> Anyhow...

[19:26] <Wolfe{GM}> Thinking? Typing?

[19:26] <Vanilla[Lx]> there

[19:27] <Vanilla[Lx]> sometimes I was a little poetic

[19:27] <Vanilla[Lx]> I'm done though

[19:29] <Wolfe{GM}> Gotcha. I wasn't certain if you were waiting on me, or what have you.

[19:30] <Vanilla[Lx]> now you know

[19:31] <Vanilla[Lx]> I'm done, by the way

[19:33] <Wolfe{GM}> I know. Was typing.

[19:33] <Paganini> Are you guys in penumbria <sp?> right now?

[19:34] <Vanilla[Lx]> yes. it's just south of northumbria

[19:34] <Wolfe{GM}> Penumbra, yes.

[19:34] <Paganini> Interesting. I didn't realize it would be so much like the real world.

[19:34] <Vanilla[Lx]> penumbra is exactly how you imagine it

[19:34] <Paganini> Ah, cool.

[19:35] <Wolfe{GM}> When we exit her room, you'll see that it's somewhat different.

[19:35] <Vanilla[Lx]> right. the whole death-spectre thing, that's not different.

[19:35] * Wolfe{GM} marvels at Nathan, who feels that grim reaper's knocking on the door is "like the real world"

[19:37] <Paganini> I meant baths and such.

[19:37] <Paganini> :)

[19:37] <Wolfe{GM}> Heh.

[19:37] <Vanilla[Lx]> well, between missions it's the place for R&R. what ELSE would vanilla do?

[19:38] <Wolfe{GM}> It's like Heaven.. only, occasionally a cloaked skeleton sends you screaming down into "the real world" to fight ravening monsters.

[19:39] <Vanilla[Lx]> ahhh, the heaven we all dream of

[19:43] <Wolfe{GM}> I'm working from the assumption that this is her first mission, though she's been extensively trained.

[19:43] <Vanilla[Lx]> me too

[19:43] <Vanilla[Lx]> hence the "oh... no." she doesn't think she's ready

[19:49] <Wolfe{GM}> creepy simu-posting?

[19:49] <Vanilla[Lx]> yes, chris and nate within one minute of each other, on the same thread

[19:50] <Paganini> Yes, we're voraciously protective of the Lumpley Principle. :)

[19:50] <Wolfe{GM}> Ah. hehe.

[19:52] <Wolfe{GM}> Setting the clock:

[19:52] <Wolfe{GM}> #roll 1[1d10]

[19:52] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Wolfe{GM} [1[1d10]]: 1 >

[19:52] <Vanilla[Lx]> poor vanilla

[19:54] <Wolfe{GM}> #roll 5d10

[19:54] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Wolfe{GM} [5d10]: 27>

[19:54] <Paganini> If you need...

[19:54] <Paganini> yeah.

[19:54] <Paganini> :)

[19:54] <Wolfe{GM}> 27 Mortis points.

[19:54] <Wolfe{GM}> You know the "key word" to speak, right?

[19:54] <Vanilla[Lx]> "key word"?

[19:55] <Wolfe{GM}> ReCoil.

[19:56] <Vanilla[Lx]> so I get 27 points in addition to my five?

[19:57] <Vanilla[Lx]> effectively, since I don't gotta share them?

[19:57] <Wolfe{GM}> Effectively, yes.

[19:58] <Wolfe{GM}> Okay, Situation web.

[19:58] <Vanilla[Lx]> ??

[19:58] <Wolfe{GM}> page 14.

[19:59] <Vanilla[Lx]> aha. nifty. I missed that before. hmmm... so a woman is torn in HALF in a new york opera house?

[20:00] <Wolfe{GM}> We need to come up with 5 or more characters in a sort of relationship web central to the incident.

[20:00] <Wolfe{GM}> Yup.

[20:00] <Wolfe{GM}> I'm going to toss an opera singer in there first.

[20:00] <Wolfe{GM}> Female, as a matter of fact.. the ingenue.

[20:00] <Vanilla[Lx]> works for me. I was going to suggest such.

[20:01] <Vanilla[Lx]> not during a production though... a rehearsal

[20:01] <Paganini> If it's an opera, there's got to be a conductor.

[20:01] <Vanilla[Lx]> yes, definitely a conductor

[20:01] <Paganini> White hair, big accent. :)

[20:01] <Vanilla[Lx]> and the ingenue's "agent" (or whatever they call them in opera)

[20:01] <Wolfe{GM}> Hm. The ingenue's boyfriend, as well.

[20:01] <Paganini> Prolly pionts his baton at people all the time to make his "pont"

[20:01] <Paganini> "point"

[20:01] <Vanilla[Lx]> husband.

[20:02] <Wolfe{GM}> Husband. Alright.

[20:02] <Wolfe{GM}> Perhaps a reporter wanting to interview her.

[20:02] <Vanilla[Lx]> so, husband, "agent," conductor, ingenue herself... and the understudy

[20:03] <Wolfe{GM}> understudy, that works.

[20:03] <Wolfe{GM}> More?

[20:03] <Vanilla[Lx]> hmmm... combine husband and agent, add a reporter... and no more. this is a small mission

[20:03] <Wolfe{GM}> There's no maximum limit.

[20:03] <Vanilla[Lx]> yeah, I know. but this is a small mission, and I want to keep it straight in my head.

[20:04] <Wolfe{GM}> I kinda like the idea of the husband and agent being different. Scrap the reporter?

[20:04] <Vanilla[Lx]> nah, let's make it six. husband and agent different, reporter and understudy (both female), and the conductor

[20:04] <Vanilla[Lx]> plus, of course, the ingenue

[20:04] <Wolfe{GM}> Alright.

[20:05] <Wolfe{GM}> So, who's it gonna be, Vanilla?

[20:05] <Vanilla[Lx]> the understudy

[20:05] * C_Edwards has joined #indie_ooc

[20:05] <Vanilla[Lx]> chris! you arrived JUST too late to play

[20:05] <C_Edwards> impeccable sense of timing. :p

[20:05] <Wolfe{GM}> It's still 7 Pac though.

[20:05] * Vanilla[Lx] pecks chris's sense of timing

[20:05] <Wolfe{GM}> So he couldn't play yet anyhow.

[20:05] <C_Edwards> no, it's 8 p

[20:06] <Wolfe{GM}> Doh!

[20:06] <Wolfe{GM}> I forgot..

[20:06] <Vanilla[Lx]> no, it's 8 pac. remember, during the summer we're identical

[20:06] <Wolfe{GM}> We're on Pacific

[20:06] <C_Edwards> anyway, no problem. I've got a dozen other things on my mind.

[20:06] <Vanilla[Lx]> no, we're on mountain standard. he's just on pacific daylight. ;)

[20:06] <Wolfe{GM}> Actually, according to my computer, we're on Arizona Daylight.

[20:07] <Vanilla[Lx]> heh

[20:07] <Wolfe{GM}> Alright.

[20:08] <Wolfe{GM}> Okay, roll 4 dice.

[20:08] <Vanilla[Lx]> separately, or summator?

[20:08] <Wolfe{GM}> Separately.

[20:08] <Vanilla[Lx]> #roll 4[1d10]

[20:08] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Vanilla[Lx] [4[1d10]]: 5 7 1 7 >

[20:09] <Wolfe{GM}> Assign those to the character's traits of Body, Senses, Precision and Profession

[20:10] <Vanilla[Lx]> Body 5, Senses 7, Precision 7, Profession 1 (there's a reason she's the UNDERSTUDY)

[20:10] <Wolfe{GM}> Host's traits, I should say.

[20:11] <Wolfe{GM}> Alrighty.. Now, roll 2d10 as % dice.

[20:11] <Vanilla[Lx]> so, 1d100?

[20:11] <Vanilla[Lx]> #roll %

[20:11] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Vanilla[Lx] [%]: 72>

[20:11] <Wolfe{GM}> Or a d100... I forgot.

[20:11] <Vanilla[Lx]> synch level 3

[20:12] <Vanilla[Lx]> oh wait, 4 for me

[20:13] <Vanilla[Lx]> in retrospect, I should have assigned 1 to Body

[20:13] <Wolfe{GM}> Nice, almost a maximum synch.

[20:13] <Vanilla[Lx]> and 5 in profession. oh well.

[20:14] <Wolfe{GM}> Do you wish to keep the host?

[20:14] <Vanilla[Lx]> I don't have a choice

[20:14] <Vanilla[Lx]> "...they must inhabit the first host selected..."

[20:14] <Wolfe{GM}> Right, I forgot, because you're Synched.

[20:14] <Wolfe{GM}> Alright, then..

[20:15] <Vanilla[Lx]> still, yes, I'd like to keep the host. I just should have thought a bit more before distributing the #s. I'll live. :)

[20:18] <Wolfe{GM}> ReCoiled.

[20:19] <Vanilla[Lx]> okay, since I'm fully aware of my host's history, and have accesses to the knowledges, skills and abilities... what should/would my host be doing right now?

[20:19] <Vanilla[Lx]> and heck, what's my host's name?

[20:20] <Wolfe{GM}> She was finishing her makeup, before the premier showing which is later on tonight, in case she has to fill in for the billed singer.

[20:20] <Wolfe{GM}> Her name is Lynn.

[20:22] <Vanilla[Lx]> done

[20:22] <Paganini> This game is intriguing.

[20:23] <Paganini> How does your clock mechanic work?

[20:23] * Paganini will definitely print the thing out tomorrow.

[20:23] <Vanilla[Lx]> the dice you roll determine how much in-game time the characters have to complete their mission. I've got 4.5 hours, minus primping time.

[20:24] <Wolfe{GM}> 2.5 hours

[20:24] <Wolfe{GM}> I rolled a 1, which is multiplied by half the Oblivion points assigned to this mission, which was 5.

[20:24] <Vanilla[Lx]> wow, that's a lot of primping time. ;) [seriously, nate, I forgot the calculations]

[20:25] <Paganini> Ah, cool.

[20:25] <Paganini> How do you keep track of in-game passage of time?

[20:25] <Paganini> Just wing it?

[20:25] <Paganini> Or is there a mechanic?

[20:25] <Vanilla[Lx]> who would lynn EXPECT to discover outside the door?

[20:26] <Wolfe{GM}> A hallway.

[20:26] <Vanilla[Lx]> and do I/Lynn recognize the voices?

[20:26] <Wolfe{GM}> Wing it. I'd obsessed for a while about a mechanic to cover the passage of time, then I realized it wasn't really important.

[20:27] <Wolfe{GM}> That sounds like you're asking for Information...

[20:27] <Paganini> Hmm.

[20:27] * Paganini restrains game designer impulses

[20:27] <Vanilla[Lx]> well, I have all the knowledge lynn has...

[20:27] <Wolfe{GM}> Heh. I could just tell you who I think it is, or you can call for an Information check, and tell me yourself.

[20:27] <Vanilla[Lx]> but if you want to use the information check mechanic, that could be fun :)

[20:28] <Wolfe{GM}> I was bringing up the possibility.

[20:28] <Vanilla[Lx]> sure!

[20:28] <Wolfe{GM}> I just realized that plumbing the host's memory would be a good use of the mechanic.

[20:28] <Vanilla[Lx]> but since I can't really figure out the paragraph that tells me what I'm supposed to roll, let me know

[20:29] <Wolfe{GM}> In this case, you have no appropriate skills, so roll Perception against...

[20:29] <Wolfe{GM}> 6, because I'm going to say the Paradigm in this lonely dressing room is fairly low.

[20:29] <Wolfe{GM}> And it's 6 or paradigm, whichever is higher for the TN.

[20:30] <Vanilla[Lx]> so, 3 10 siders, count any that are 6 or higher?

[20:30] <Wolfe{GM}> Yup.

[20:30] <Vanilla[Lx]> #roll 3[1d10]

[20:30] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Vanilla[Lx] [3[1d10]]: 2 4 10 >

[20:30] <Vanilla[Lx]> well, that's one

[20:30] <Wolfe{GM}> So, one fact about the arguing voices.

[20:31] <Vanilla[Lx]> Okay. She's never heard the female's voice before.

[20:31] <Wolfe{GM}> That's the fact?

[20:31] <Vanilla[Lx]> yes

[20:31] <Wolfe{GM}> So what if I say that she's never heard the male's voice before, either?

[20:32] <Vanilla[Lx]> can I say "she's never heard the female's voice before ,but she knows the male" as one fact? that feels like two...

[20:32] <Wolfe{GM}> Sorry, nevermind. I just expected you to identify one of the voices.

[20:32] <Wolfe{GM}> "She's only ever heard the male's voice before" would work as well, if you didn't want to identify either, but leave it that way.

[20:32] <Vanilla[Lx]> well, by process of elimination from our R-map, the only female she doesn't know the sound of is the reporter. but the only information I can get FROM HER MIND is "Lynn doesn't know it." I'm slyly, then, identifying the reporter.

[20:33] <Vanilla[Lx]> or at least, that was my hope

[20:33] <Wolfe{GM}> Err.. What fact are we going with? ::is getting all confused::

[20:34] <Vanilla[Lx]> well, Lynn's never heard the female's voice before. It's out of bounds to say, "therefore, that voice is a reporter," but out of character, that's what I'm angling towards by stating my fact.

[20:34] <Wolfe{GM}> (No, I don't expect the game to get this complicated. I'm needlessly complicating things.)

[20:35] <Wolfe{GM}> Well, hm. This actually begs a question..

[20:35] <Wolfe{GM}> I suppose you could state the fact that the voice is the reporter, but neither Vanilla or the Agent would know that.

[20:36] <Wolfe{GM}> But the fact would remain solid in game.

[20:36] <Wolfe{GM}> Sound good?

[20:37] <Vanilla[Lx]> But I'm limited to only facts that I could have gotten from my source. So my fact is "Lynn's never heard the female's voice before" because that's all my source CAN tell me. Right?

[20:37] <Wolfe{GM}> I'm inclined to be lenient. Let's see how it goes.

[20:38] <Wolfe{GM}> sent

[20:38] <Vanilla[Lx]> besides, it (indirectly) allows me to have the fact "Lynn's never MET the reporter before." assuming the woman she's not heard is the reporter, and not another character you're choosing now to introduce.

[20:41] <Vanilla[Lx]> done

[20:42] <Wolfe{GM}> For the record, the female voice was going to be the ingenue. ::smiles

[20:42] <Wolfe{GM}> ::

[20:42] <Wolfe{GM}> *was*

[20:42] <Vanilla[Lx]> I had thought that was your plan.

[20:42] <Wolfe{GM}> Heh.

[20:43] <Wolfe{GM}> You're welcome.

[20:43] <Vanilla[Lx]> ow, that color is too bright. sorry about that.

[20:44] <Wolfe{GM}> No worries.

[20:44] <Vanilla[Lx]> what's the man's name, btw? I've got memories, and this is too piddly to ask for a roll

[20:44] <C_Edwards> jeebus, you trying to blind us?

[20:45] <Vanilla[Lx]> some might say that

[20:45] <Wolfe{GM}> Jump in whenever you're ready.

[20:46] <Wolfe{GM}> Thomas Underwood.

[20:49] <Vanilla[Lx]> okay, I want to rummage around in Lynn's head for another fact, if that's okay?

[20:50] <Wolfe{GM}> Cool.

[20:51] <Vanilla[Lx]> is there any way to get more dice?

[20:52] <Wolfe{GM}> Mm.. No. We can discuss it if it's a problem later.

[20:52] <Wolfe{GM}> Well, no.

[20:52] <Wolfe{GM}> I'll actually toss you this..

[20:52] <Wolfe{GM}> You can make an additional attempt for a +1 TN.

[20:52] <Vanilla[Lx]> aha. well, just one attempt. it's a whimsy, but if it works, it'll be a fun whimsy

[20:52] <Wolfe{GM}> Alright.

[20:52] <Vanilla[Lx]> #roll 3[1d10]

[20:52] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Vanilla[Lx] [3[1d10]]: 1 9 6 >

[20:53] <Vanilla[Lx]> well, two successes. okay.

[20:53] <Wolfe{GM}> 2 successes, 2 facts.

[20:53] <Vanilla[Lx]> fact 1: thomas and lynn are very much in love

[20:53] <Wolfe{GM}> Oh-ho!

[20:54] <Vanilla[Lx]> fact 2: thomas is planning on turning in his resignation tonight, he's tired of the D'Arcy "charm"

[20:54] <Wolfe{GM}> ...I like this. This is definitely going into the revisions, the ability to search the host's memories.

[20:55] <Wolfe{GM}> Alright..

[20:56] <Vanilla[Lx]> I'm having fun with it. And while a host's memories are generally more limited than, say, a city library, as long as you have a good synch, it's quicker.

[20:57] <Wolfe{GM}> Indeed.

[20:57] <Wolfe{GM}> There ya go, instant pay-off.

[21:00] <Vanilla[Lx]> sorry, phone suddenly rang

[21:03] <Paganini> LOL

[21:03] <Paganini> Miss Southard was expecting the ritz

[21:03] <Wolfe{GM}> Heh, yup.

[21:04] <Wolfe{GM}> Not "barely larger than a walk-in closet" is I believe how I described it.

[21:04] <Vanilla[Lx]> yes, so you did

[21:05] <Wolfe{GM}> Ah, btw.. Is there a way to log this?

[21:05] <Wolfe{GM}> I didn't think about it beforehand..

[21:06] <Vanilla[Lx]> I'm logging, oddly enough

[21:06] <Vanilla[Lx]> my mirc logs everything. it's a text-slut

[21:06] <Wolfe{GM}> Sweet.

[21:09] <Vanilla[Lx]> poor Lynn. I'm sabotaging her.

[21:10] <Wolfe{GM}> ::chuckles:: I keep expecting you to be playing the part of the understudy, rather than the Agent trying to stop a murderous beast from outside reality.

[21:10] <Vanilla[Lx]> I want to make another memory roll, by the way.

[21:10] <Vanilla[Lx]> I keep having these IDEAS

[21:11] <Wolfe{GM}> ::laughs:: Alright...

[21:11] <Vanilla[Lx]> #roll 3[1d10]

[21:11] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Vanilla[Lx] [3[1d10]]: 10 4 3 >

[21:11] <Wolfe{GM}> 1

[21:11] <Vanilla[Lx]> yay! enough for my one fact: Lynn and Christa are sisters, and so share the same last name (and some of the same features)

[21:12] <Wolfe{GM}> ...ooh.

[21:12] <Wolfe{GM}> ...oooh.

[21:12] <Wolfe{GM}> Das good.

[21:12] <Wolfe{GM}> I like.

[21:12] <Wolfe{GM}> Except..

[21:12] <Vanilla[Lx]> you didn't ever tell me Lynn's last name, did you?

[21:12] <Wolfe{GM}> D'Arcy is Christa's husbands name, I would think.

[21:13] <Paganini> I have a loophole.

[21:13] <Paganini> :)

[21:13] <Vanilla[Lx]> oh noo, of course not. why would she change her STAGE name just 'cause she married?!

[21:13] <Paganini> If she became famous before she married..

[21:13] <Paganini> Yes.

[21:13] <Paganini> :)

[21:13] <Paganini> Happens all the time.

[21:13] <Wolfe{GM}> The ingenue who keeps her own last name, huh?

[21:13] <Wolfe{GM}> Alright.

[21:13] <Wolfe{GM}> I'll buy into that.

[21:14] <Vanilla[Lx]> and now I don't have to be QUITE as sneaky

[21:14] <Wolfe{GM}> Heh..

[21:16] <Vanilla[Lx]> okay, time to break the news...

[21:16] <Vanilla[Lx]> oh no, not quite yet

[21:16] * Paganini has left #indie_ooc

[21:20] <Vanilla[Lx]> not that it's a big bit of info, but what's the name of the role lynn's sister is playing, and the name of the production itself?

[21:21] <Wolfe{GM}> Anna Karenina. (not sure if I spelled that right)

[21:21] <Vanilla[Lx]> that's for both, yes?

[21:21] <Wolfe{GM}> Ja

[21:22] <Wolfe{GM}> ::hopes that's an opera::

[21:22] <Vanilla[Lx]> close enough for government work

[21:23] <Wolfe{GM}> Prime would be shaking it's head if it could see Vanilla now.

[21:23] <Vanilla[Lx]> (hopefully, the reporter is still wanting the whole "sister doesn't work well with the rest of the cast" gossip enough to forgive Lynn her indiscretions)

[21:24] * Vanilla[Lx] laughs.

[21:24] <Vanilla[Lx]> I'm shaking my head, seeing Vanilla now.

[21:25] <Vanilla[Lx]> but really, infiltration seems (in theory) to be a good method

[21:30] <Vanilla[Lx]> okay, another roll

[21:30] <Vanilla[Lx]> information, that is

[21:31] <Wolfe{GM}> Same sort?

[21:31] <Vanilla[Lx]> scanning the memory, yeah

[21:31] <Wolfe{GM}> I'm considering putting a limit on how many times a single source can be used. What think you?

[21:31] <Wolfe{GM}> For now, go ahead, though.

[21:32] <Vanilla[Lx]> I'm having fun. A limit might be a good thing, though. Then again, a single person's memory is limited, and using any OUTSIDE source takes time (in fact, that's probably the one place where you should have some sort of specific info-to-time deduction).

[21:32] <Vanilla[Lx]> #roll 3[1d10]

[21:32] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Vanilla[Lx] [3[1d10]]: 3 7 4 >

[21:33] <Wolfe{GM}> Right.

[21:33] <Wolfe{GM}> I intend to, on outside resources.

[21:33] <Vanilla[Lx]> One fact: There's no way Christa's in her dressing room this early... she's still sleeping off her hangover from last night, the drunk.

[21:33] <Wolfe{GM}> We'll see how this plays out, then decide if we're going to limit it.

[21:34] <Wolfe{GM}> Eh.. I'm gonna veto that, considering what I know about theatre.

[21:34] <Vanilla[Lx]> yeah, but it was a good idea

[21:35] <Wolfe{GM}> If she's the sort who gets good roles, then she'll maintain at least some professionalism about them, and be ready enough in advance.

[21:35] <Vanilla[Lx]> okay, how about this... "If Christa's on schedule, then she's probably screwing one of the stagehands right about NOW..." or is that too close to "not ready enough in advance"?

[21:35] <Wolfe{GM}> Yeah, that's a veto.

[21:36] <Vanilla[Lx]> Hmmm.

[21:37] <Wolfe{GM}> I'm gonna say the show is on at 7, curtains up.

[21:37] <Wolfe{GM}> And it's coming up on 6:30 now.

[21:37] <Vanilla[Lx]> aha, then definitely not enough time to screw a stagehand

[21:38] <Vanilla[Lx]> Okay. Let's go a different direction. "Lynn has more talent than her sister." (?)

[21:38] <Wolfe{GM}> A 1?

[21:39] <Vanilla[Lx]> oh yeah

[21:39] <Wolfe{GM}> Assuming that Profession is Opera Singer, of course..

[21:39] <Wolfe{GM}> Wouldn't make sense as an understudy if it wasn't.

[21:40] <C_Edwards> Dude, she's got plenty of time to screw a stagehand.

[21:40] <C_Edwards> :)

[21:40] <Vanilla[Lx]> Okay. Then this: "Christa hates reporters with a passion."

[21:41] <Wolfe{GM}> Alright, I can go there.

[21:41] <Vanilla[Lx]> I wanted to break her ankle, but that's out of reach of this particular factfinding

[21:41] <Wolfe{GM}> It is already established that she told her (ex) stage manager that she was to see NO one.

[21:41] <Vanilla[Lx]> yes, she likely told yes to this reporter just so she could stew when she got rejected at the "gates"

[21:48] <Vanilla[Lx]> hmmm... so it's possible one of these people is a naughtwraith? or perhaps the naughtwraith is in the audience?

[21:48] <Wolfe{GM}> It's possible, yes. You won't know until you see them.

[21:49] <Wolfe{GM}> ::blinks:: You know what..

[21:49] <C_Edwards> He'll know automatically when he sees them?

[21:49] <Wolfe{GM}> I just realized, I forgot to mention that Naughtwraiths.. Agents too, have a Masking trait.

[21:49] <Wolfe{GM}> We also forgot to roll your Passive Perception rating.

[21:49] <Wolfe{GM}> Roll Perception.

[21:49] <C_Edwards> Cipher?

[21:49] <Vanilla[Lx]> #roll 3[1d10]

[21:49] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Vanilla[Lx] [3[1d10]]: 1 6 9 >

[21:50] <Wolfe{GM}> I mentioned the Masking trait in Cipher, but no where else, I think.

[21:50] <Wolfe{GM}> 9 is your passive perception rating.. Bloody nice.

[21:50] <Vanilla[Lx]> what's a masking trait?

[21:51] <Vanilla[Lx]> that's not even on your little character sheet

[21:51] <C_Edwards> It's an ability.

[21:51] <Vanilla[Lx]> so my passive perception rating is higher than my active perception rating?

[21:51] <C_Edwards> I think.

[21:53] <Vanilla[Lx]> aha, you don't mention what passive perception does, or how you figure it out, etc.

[21:53] <Wolfe{GM}> The way Passive works is that you automatically perceive as if you've rolled a single 9. So anything with a masking rating of 9 or lower you can see, but you'd need more successes to find out more information.

[21:53] <Vanilla[Lx]> aha!

[21:53] <Wolfe{GM}> Yeah... It seems I omitted some stuff.

[21:53] <Wolfe{GM}> ...heh.. yeah.

[21:54] <Wolfe{GM}> I know I wrote more about it. But I guess it was lost in the same save error that I'm assuming lost other stuff I knew I wrote in.

[21:55] <Vanilla[Lx]> darned save errors

[22:01] <Vanilla[Lx]> it's a soap opera, but then there's that threat of naughtwraiths...

[22:02] <C_Edwards> Was Vanilla a women in life?

[22:02] <C_Edwards> woman.

[22:02] <Vanilla[Lx]> we don't know

[22:02] <C_Edwards> ahh.

[22:02] <Vanilla[Lx]> she self-identifies as female after death though

[22:02] <C_Edwards> cool.

[22:03] <Wolfe{GM}> Alex could decide that if he wants to, but it really doesn't matter.

[22:03] <Vanilla[Lx]> I was really rupaul

[22:03] <C_Edwards> ack!

[22:04] <Wolfe{GM}> Looking through my notes, Masking is equal to the Paradigm in the locale you're in.

[22:05] <Wolfe{GM}> Unless you spend a point to jack it up to 10.

[22:05] <Vanilla[Lx]> 1 point jacks it to ten? wow, cheap

[22:05] <Wolfe{GM}> For an agent.

[22:05] <Wolfe{GM}> Naughtwraiths can't get those points back.

[22:05] <Vanilla[Lx]> true

[22:06] <Vanilla[Lx]> still, with my luck, one of 'em spent one of those points, just to spite me

[22:07] <C_Edwards> How much time you got left?

[22:08] <Vanilla[Lx]> poor lynn. her bad talent is my fault too. time? well, after I finish my intimacy with Tom, probably an hour?

[22:08] <Wolfe{GM}> Yeah, I'd say about that...

[22:08] <Wolfe{GM}> And gain a point of Conviction, you slut.

[22:08] <Wolfe{GM}> ::grins::

[22:08] <C_Edwards> Um, question. Any particular reason that Vanilla is going through the motions of Lynn's life?

[22:09] <Wolfe{GM}> As you vicariously feel the physical expression of Lynn and Tom's love...

[22:09] <Wolfe{GM}> Her Conviction is "Love Conquers All" And her gain condition is expressions of true passion.

[22:09] <C_Edwards> Ahhh.

[22:10] <Vanilla[Lx]> well, I've been wanting to feed off this love bit because of my Conviction. besides that, with only 5 hours, and the death happening RIGHT HERE, I'm deciding that blending in and staying close is the easiest way to see what's going on. And that means going through the motions.

[22:10] <C_Edwards> Regardless of whether her sister gets melted down by Naughtwraiths.

[22:10] <Wolfe{GM}> At least, that's why I'd be doing it, if I were playing in Lx's position.

[22:10] <Wolfe{GM}> 2.5 hours.

[22:10] <C_Edwards> Lxndr: cool.

[22:11] <Vanilla[Lx]> finally, this is Vanilla's first time back in a body, as was previously decided... so she's still kind of thrilled by just the SENSATIONS of the real world again.

[22:12] <Wolfe{GM}> So we're going to do a "...soft music, gentle caresses..." and let it go at that, huh?

[22:13] <Vanilla[Lx]> I'm not enough of a Simulationist to go further

[22:13] <C_Edwards> hey, I don't get to watch 'the shower scene'?

[22:13] <Vanilla[Lx]> sorry, chris, no T&A for you

[22:13] <C_Edwards> bah, what a jip. ;)

[22:13] <Vanilla[Lx]> gyp

[22:14] <C_Edwards> sure, that too.

[22:17] <Vanilla[Lx]> specifically, I'm keeping an eye out for Naughtwraiths

[22:30] <Vanilla[Lx]> okay, does Lynn's memory have anything to say about why a girl would be going after Christa's lower back?

[22:30] <C_Edwards> mic battery pack?

[22:30] <Vanilla[Lx]> checking the corset?

[22:31] <Wolfe{GM}> Hehe..

[22:31] <Wolfe{GM}> Sorry. I love a little bit of tension.

[22:35] <Wolfe{GM}> Spiteful minx, isn't she?

[22:35] <Vanilla[Lx]> she's more the trickster. which I guess includes some spite.

[22:37] <Vanilla[Lx]> I had fun with that last line.

[22:37] <Wolfe{GM}> I figured you did.

[22:38] <Wolfe{GM}> It sounds familiar.

[22:38] <Vanilla[Lx]> I'm sure variations of it have been used everywhere. "Age before beauty," and the like.

[22:39] <Wolfe{GM}> #roll 5[1d10]

[22:39] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Wolfe{GM} [5[1d10]]: 6 8 9 9 5 >

[22:39] <Wolfe{GM}> Okay. Just checking something.

[22:39] * Vanilla[Lx] raises his Paranoia stat a few notches

[22:39] <Wolfe{GM}> #roll 1d2

[22:39] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Wolfe{GM} [1d2]: 1>

[22:40] <Wolfe{GM}> Okiday.

[22:40] <Wolfe{GM}> So she's going to wait until something happens, whatever happens?

[22:42] <Vanilla[Lx]> Maybe I'm tired, or not tactical enough, but that seems like the best course of action at this juncture. Someone's going to die RIGHT THERE, and it's a woman, and I don't see any signs of anything... and I can't think of anything else TO do. So it's just wait and see.

[22:46] <Vanilla[Lx]> oh, jeez, I forgot. um, one mortis point to get a mask of 10

[22:47] <Wolfe{GM}> Alright.

[22:49] <C_Edwards> hehe

[22:50] <Vanilla[Lx]> the butler did it! well, the conductor...

[22:50] <Wolfe{GM}> The conductor hasn't done anything.

[22:50] <Wolfe{GM}> ...yet.

[22:51] <Vanilla[Lx]> okay. time to use that nifty-neato-keen "Attack"

[22:51] <Vanilla[Lx]> I spend a mortis and make a power roll, yea?

[22:51] <Wolfe{GM}> Yup.

[22:52] <Vanilla[Lx]> #roll 5[1d10]

[22:52] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Vanilla[Lx] [5[1d10]]: 8 3 2 1 8 >

[22:52] <Wolfe{GM}> The conductor is coming for you at this precise moment as well.

[22:52] <Wolfe{GM}> 2 successes against the paradigm rating of 8.

[22:53] <Wolfe{GM}> Except..

[22:54] <Wolfe{GM}> The Naughtwraith Accelerates, and attacks.

[22:54] <Wolfe{GM}> Sorry, would have been a little quicker, but I was looking it up.

[22:55] <Wolfe{GM}> #roll 2[1d10]

[22:55] -RPGServ:#indie_ooc- <Roll for Wolfe{GM} [2[1d10]]: 7 5 >

[22:55] <Wolfe{GM}> one success

[22:55] <Vanilla[Lx]> he's got a lower paradigm rating than me?

[22:56] <Wolfe{GM}> He's not Attacking using the power. he's hitting you with his fist.

[22:57] <Wolfe{GM}> Acceleration doesn't really affect use of powers too much.

[22:58] <Wolfe{GM}> But then your use of the ability still goes off.

[22:58] <Vanilla[Lx]> Hmmm. Is it worth turning this into an alternate timeline?

[22:58] <Wolfe{GM}> Not really. You can still just attack as normal.

[22:59] <Vanilla[Lx]> Yeah, but I'm wounded. Oh well, I'll take the hit.

[22:59] <Wolfe{GM}> And Wounded has no game effect, remember?

[22:59] <Vanilla[Lx]> and two wound levels to him

[22:59] <Wolfe{GM}> Narrate it.

[23:00] <Vanilla[Lx]> SFX are meaningless, it can look like whatever I want?

[23:00] <Wolfe{GM}> Yup.

[23:02] <Vanilla[Lx]> so it's incapacitated now?

[23:04] <Wolfe{GM}> Gone. It blew much of it's wad already.

[23:04] <Vanilla[Lx]> woot!

[23:05] <Vanilla[Lx]> just because it's so cheap, and Lynn was neat, I'm attuning to her before I get sucked out, or whatever happens after my time limit is up

[23:05] <C_Edwards> Dude, he blew his wad when you beat him with the love whip...

[23:06] <Wolfe{GM}> You're still there, man.

[23:07] <Wolfe{GM}> Now it's time for you to clean up, if you want. Or enjoy the spoils, or what-have-you.

[23:07] <Vanilla[Lx]> I'm not sure how to explain away Talon-Conductor...

[23:07] <Wolfe{GM}> You could just let go...

[23:07] <Wolfe{GM}> And let Lynn take the brunt.

[23:08] <Vanilla[Lx]> one more Mortis to heal, and then letting go

[23:08] <Wolfe{GM}> So you're going to take the bruise and bail.. Poor girl.

[23:08] <Vanilla[Lx]> If I weren't so tired...

[23:09] <C_Edwards> So, the Host, they remember what happened?

[23:09] <Wolfe{GM}> Nope. Not a thing.

[23:09] <C_Edwards> damn, harsh.

[23:09] <Wolfe{GM}> Not unless the Synch level is 5.

[23:09] <Vanilla[Lx]> yeah. PTSD and all

[23:09] <Wolfe{GM}> In which case, they're conscious the entire time.

[23:09] <C_Edwards> ahh.

[23:09] <Wolfe{GM}> PTSD?

[23:09] <Vanilla[Lx]> post-traumatic stress disorder

[23:09] <Wolfe{GM}> Gonna narrate your retreat, for posterity?

[23:10] <Vanilla[Lx]> I'd think, in Synch level 4, they're unconscious, but they remember everything afterwards. sort of a "compromise" between full-consciousness and un-consciousness

[23:12] <C_Edwards> So, what would the consequences be from Christa getting ganked by a Naughtwraith?

[23:12] <Vanilla[Lx]> a rift, if I remember right

[23:13] <Wolfe{GM}> Probably, or damned near one, not difficult for the 'wraith to push it over the edge.

[23:15] <Vanilla[Lx]> (the end)

[23:15] <Wolfe{GM}> The Naughtwraith is trying to do things in a nigh impossible unbelievable manner. If it manage to rip Christa in half, while floating in mid-air with it's bare hands, it'd be pretty close to destroying the Paradigm.

[23:15] <Wolfe{GM}> As it was, the Paradigm took a few hits. I didn't bother to roll them, though.

[23:16] <Vanilla[Lx]> glowly claws, and the whip-of-love

[23:16] <C_Edwards> because it destroyed Christa in such an 'unreal' manner?

[23:16] <Wolfe{GM}> Right, with so many people watching.

[23:16] <C_Edwards> ahh, cool.

[23:16] <Wolfe{GM}> The collective "belief" would be shattered, and that's what Paradigm is made out of.

[23:17] <Wolfe{GM}> Which is why it's so low in places like... Lynn's dressing room.

[23:17] <Wolfe{GM}> Very little belief to make it more solid.

[23:17] * Vanilla[Lx] is now known as Lxndr

[23:17] <C_Edwards> So, I bet a lot of muggings are due to Naughtwraith activity. Low paradigm desctruction but easier to pull off.

[23:17] * Wolfe{GM} is now known as Wolfe{GM}

[23:17] <Lxndr> a lot of missing persons too

[23:17] <C_Edwards> yeah.

[23:17] <Wolfe{GM}> Yes, but generally lower reward.

[23:17] <Lxndr> what is it, sixty-thousand people go missing each year and never show up again?

[23:18] <Wolfe{GM}> Rifts in public places are bigger, harder to close.

[23:18] <Wolfe{GM}> But this was a small-time mission.

[23:18] <Wolfe{GM}> Smaller-time than I thought it would be, honestly.

[23:18] <Wolfe{GM}> But the 'wraith never saw her, never knew she was there.

[23:19] <Wolfe{GM}> So it just went for the unsubtle move, rather than trying to be a bit more cautious.

[23:19] <Lxndr> DESPITE my not turning my mask on

[23:19] <Lxndr> and I have 27 points with which to increase my character...

[23:19] <Wolfe{GM}> Yup. Utterly sickening.

[23:19] <Wolfe{GM}> Well, 27 points for 1 Agent. First of my stats.

[23:19] * C_Edwards has left #indie_ooc

[23:19] <Lxndr> if only there were character advancement rules ;) but that's what you're going for with these playtests

[23:20] <Wolfe{GM}> Among other things.

[23:20] <Wolfe{GM}> Such as "oh yeah.. the Masking rules aren't in the book."

[23:20] <Lxndr> right.

[23:20] <Lxndr> but I know character advancement rules were one of the things you KNEW were missing, and was hoping to get #s on for advancement data

[23:20] <Wolfe{GM}> Right.

[23:21] <Lxndr> and now, I need to be a-gettin' to bed. a good first run, all things being equal. I had fun. next time, more agents, I hope.

[23:21] <Wolfe{GM}> I hope so too.

[23:21] <Lxndr> g'nite

[23:21] <Wolfe{GM}> The dynamic was too back and forth, so..

[23:21] <Wolfe{GM}> Have a good night.

[23:21] <Lxndr> yes, more people = better dynamic. I'll be interested in playtesting this in person

[23:22] <Wolfe{GM}> So will I.

[23:22] <Lxndr> but tonight, sleep. :) dream well, when you get to bed.

[23:22] <Wolfe{GM}> Yup.