ReCoil Playtest Session #2

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Cast and players:

[19:55] * Sonny is, as always, hovering in the doorway to his mothers room, his most vivid memory. The doorway and room are expanded to hideous proportions, as is the face of his eternal tormentor, "the man" who is always just leaving.

[19:58] <Wolfe[GM]> [Mortis] *There is the sound of a hollow rapping which echoes through the room, as of fleshless knuckles against the stone of a crypt*

[20:00] * Sonny knows that sound, and turns to find Mortis, the doorway and room slowly fading away behind him

[20:00] <Sonny> Good Morning, Mortis.

[20:01] <Wolfe[GM]> Sonny. *the shrouded figure nods at him* You and your partner are needed.

[20:01] * Sonny nods, and heads for the ReCoil chamber

[20:02] <Wolfe[GM]> Can you fetch Chiaroscuro, on your way?

[20:02] <Wolfe[GM]> *without waiting for an answer, the skeletal figure fades away and is gone*

[20:03] * Sonny shivers, and heads for Chiaro's room.

[20:04] <Sonny> Chiaro? We're needed.

[20:04] * Chiaroscuro is sitting at the table, half empty glass of scotch in front him. As always, he's lost deep in thought. The effort of trying to recall the significance of his most solid memory making a bead of sweat stand out on his forehead.

[20:04] <Chiaroscuro> <The interuption breaks his concentration>

[20:04] <Chiaroscuro> What?.. Oh, sure thing.

[20:05] * Chiaroscuro downs the last of his scotch and follows Sonny out of the room.

[20:05] * Sonny not in an unfriendly way, per se, but more in the way of someone who doesn't really know how to relate to others well, nods hesitantly and turns to head for the ReCoil chamber

[20:06] * Chiaroscuro hangs the closed sign on the door as he leaves.

[20:09] <Wolfe[GM]> *the ReCoil room is, as usual, quite bare, with only the skeletal figure of Mortis and the black oval in the center of the room*

[20:09] <Sonny> We're here, Mortis. What's the situation?

[20:10] * Chiaroscuro folds his arms, waiting expectantly.

[20:11] <Wolfe[GM]> *Mortis gestures them toward the oval, but does not wait for them to move before he explains* A building collapsing, 53 deaths, in London.

[20:12] <Sonny> How soon?

[20:12] <Wolfe[GM]> You will have 30 hours.

[20:13] <Sonny> How many children?

[20:13] * Chiaroscuro glances over at Sonny.

[20:13] <Wolfe[GM]> *Mortis spreads his skeletal fingers* I cannot say. One soul is like another upon death.

[20:14] * Chiaroscuro rubs his chin.

[20:14] <Chiaroscuro> Anything else we need to know?

[20:14] <Wolfe[GM]> Quite likely. However, nothing more I can tell you.

[20:15] * Chiaroscuro nods and grins.

[20:15] * Sonny sighs. "Then lets go".

[20:15] <Wolfe[GM]> *Mortis nods, and waits*

[20:17] * Sonny looks at Chairo, then back at Mortis.

[20:17] <Sonny> Recoil, then.

[20:17] <Wolfe[GM]> *Like a chalk painting damaged by heavy rain, Mortis blurs and swirls away, the rest of the drab chamber following until there is only the Coil,swirling all around...*

[20:46] <Wolfe[GM]> *Chiaro finds himself sitting back in a recliner, staring at some inane program on the telly. His gaze is bleary, but he can see his host's body, which is somewhat gone to fat, and is covered by less than clean clothes; the wife-beater shirt is especially stained and smelly*

[20:47] * Chiaroscuro grunts, scratches an annoying itch, and tries to stand.

[20:48] * Chiaroscuro looks around the apartment, trying to determine his host's state of degeneration.

[20:48] <Wolfe[GM]> *the beer in the host's hand shows eloquently why the gaze is bleary, but it doesn't seem to have much effect on his coordination; it's probably only his first or second beer*

[20:49] * Chiaroscuro smells himself and the sourness of the apartment.

[20:49] <Chiaroscuro> "I can't get anything done like this, I need a bloody shower."

[20:49] * Chiaroscuro goes to find a bath and some clean duds.

[20:49] <Wolfe[GM]> *the apartment matches it's owner; none too clean, with beer cans overflowing the trashcan, dirty dishes in the sink, and the smell of old sweat, urine and vomit a low undertone throughout the place*

[20:51] <Wolfe[GM]> *Sonny finds himself sitting in a van, wearing a janitors overalls, and stuck in traffic* What in the...?

[20:52] * Sonny looks around, trying wo work out where he is, uncomfortable with the adult body he's once again inside

[20:52] <Wolfe[GM]> *the host of the body is a bit surprised to find another mind sharing his body, though not particularly hostile.. just exceedingly cautious*

[20:53] * Sonny ignores it for now, he likes to let them stew for a while. Can I work out where I am, and how far from the building?

[20:54] <Wolfe[GM]> *as the questions filter through to the host, his memories fill in the details.. you're not far from it, but it looks like you'll be getting started late, due to the accident ahead*

[20:54] <Wolfe[GM]> What's going on here? Who are you?

[20:56] <Sonny> Nothing to worry yourself with, Bobby. I just have a few things to do. Keep quiet unless spoken to and we'll get on just peachy.

[20:56] <Wolfe[GM]> *traffic moves slowly, and Bobby unconsciously moves ahead with it, only to stop again soon*

[20:57] <Wolfe[GM]> *Bobby splutters* Who do you think you're talkin' to, mate? This is my head you're inhabiting.

[20:57] <Sonny> How do you know? What makes you think you're not just an abberation of thought in MY head

[20:59] <Wolfe[GM]> *the body blinks a few times as Bobby digests the question* Because I know my own body. Now what things are you talking about?

[20:59] <Sonny> Well, I'll make a deal with you, Bobby. You tell me what a big strong guy like you, who is good with his hands, chooses to work at a dead-end nothing job that he's terrible at. You tell me that and maybe I'll answer your question.

[21:00] <Wolfe[GM]> It's a steady job right now, alright? *the mind tries to close itself off, but Bobby obviously has no experience with this sort of thing*

[21:04] <Sonny> Well, Bobby, it seems that there's going to be some problems tomorrow. Whole lotta kids in your building gonna be hurt, maybe all 31 of them. You like kids, dontya, Bobby?

[21:06] <Sonny> Well, Bobby, it seems that there's going to be some problems tomorrow. Whole lotta kids in your building gonna be hurt. You like kids, dontya Bobby? How many kids are there in that old run down building anywya?

[21:09] <Wolfe[GM]> Well, yeah I like kids.. *his mind tries to close up even further* I figure there's.. maybe, 30, 40 kids in there.

[21:09] <Wolfe[GM]> Wouldn't want to see them hurt.

[21:09] <Sonny> And you wouldn't want them hurt anymore, would you Bobby? Why, some of them could be in the shower when the bad things started...

[21:10] <Wolfe[GM]> *Chiaro, fittingly enough, has just finished his shower, and found some reasonably clean clothes in the closet.. one is a T-shirt with a firefighter's logo on the breast*

[21:14] <Wolfe[GM]> *as the news blares, you hear that traffic is being re-routed due to a minor accident about a block away from you. You also get the date, which is May 23rd, 2000*

[21:16] <Wolfe[GM]> *oh, and the time.. which is just after 6pm*

[21:20] * Chiaroscuro combs his are as he looks at the news.

[21:22] * Chiaroscuro picks up the flashlight he found in the closet, grabs Freddie's wallet and keys, then heads out the door and towards the basement. Hopefully if there's anything out of the ordinary or some obvious danger he'll be able to find it.

[21:24] <Wolfe[GM]> *meanwhile, Sonny has managed to put Bobby on the defensive* Hey, I never touched that kid, alright?

[21:26] <Sonny> [Sweet Talking to convince him] That's why you got me, Bobby. You still have a chance to save yourself. If you had hurt that boy, you would be talking to something *truly* nasty right now.

[21:27] <Wolfe[GM]> *Bobby blinks, nearly jerking the wheel and causing another accident, when he's almost passed the first* So, what, you're like, some avenging angel or something?

[21:28] <Sonny> No Bobby, as I said, if you help me in my task, you *may* be absolved. You wouldn't like the other path.

[21:28] <Wolfe[GM]> Sure, sure. I'll help you. What do you want me to do?

[21:29] <Sonny> Just sit back, and if you see anything out of the ordinary, speak up. Otherwise, be quiet and answer anything I ask.

[21:29] <Wolfe[GM]> *disgruntled, but more'n a little worried* Alright.. So where we goin'? The building?

[21:30] <Sonny> Yes, as I said, there's going to be an accident tomorrow night. And it wont be pleasant.

[21:31] <Sonny> Tell me about the building maintenance, Bobby. What do you know about those guys?

[21:32] <Wolfe[GM]> Hell, that building don't get much maintenance. I clean it up, the manager sometimes tries to fix things. The place is a dump, though.

[21:33] <Sonny> Walls creak? Any cracks?

[21:34] <Wolfe[GM]> *Bobby nods ahead* There it is, see for yourself.

<End Session #1>

PC Stats at end of game:
Name: Chiaroscuro
Defining Memory: smell of ozone, flash of lightning, loud roaring in my ears, metallic taste in my mouth, and the silhouette of a woman holding a gun in a flash of light.
Conviction: The Truth is out there - 4
+ Learn something you've been trying to find out
- Stumped, stymied in the search for knowledge
Synchronicity: Dark Green
Perception: 3
Power: 3
~Slivers of Mortality
~Slivers of Mortality


~Fast Talk

Character Pool:
Mortis: 3
Passive Perception: 2
Masking: 10 (due to Cipher)
Synch Level: 3

Name: Sonny
Defining Memory: the face of the man who had killed my mother. I remember standing in her doorway, her vague form sprawled on the bed, and the man, winking at me and saying "your turn, kid".
Conviction: No child should ever be exposed to pain - 3
+ When a child is protected from pain
- When a child is hurt through my action, or inaction
Synchronicity: Dark Purple
Perception: 3
Power: 5
~Power Boost


~Sweet talk

Character Pool:
Mortis: 5
Passive Perception: 7
Masking: P
Synch Level: 5

Host Traits
Name: Bobby
Synch Trait: Dark Purple
Profession: Janitor -1
Body: 10
Precision: 8
Senses: 5

Host Traits
Name: Freddie Lowe
Synch Trait: Bright Blue
Profession: Firefighter-10
Body: 3
Precision: 3
Senses: 2