ReCoil Playtest Session #2 OOC Log
(edited for focus)

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[19:01] <Wolfe[GM]> Alright.. So let's get started on chargen.

[19:02] <Wolfe[GM]> First thing you need to think about is your character's defining memory.

[19:02] <BrianLeybourne> 'k

[19:02] <BrianLeybourne> Think about it, or tell you?

[19:03] <Wolfe[GM]> Err, both.

[19:03] <Wolfe[GM]> You don't HAVE to tell me.. But it helps if you bog down. I can help you think of other stuff.

[19:04] <BrianLeybourne> When I was thirteen or so, I skipped school to play hookie with some friends. AT around that time, my parents had been having some problems, a few fights, but nothing serious.

[19:05] <BrianLeybourne> Anyway, that afternoon I played for a few hours with Dave and Sam, then headed home, figuring nobody would be there and I could play games or soemthing

[19:05] <Wolfe[GM]> Err.. A bit less specific.

[19:05] <BrianLeybourne> How less?

[19:05] <Wolfe[GM]> Remember, much of your character's memory is shot to shit.

[19:05] <Chiaroscuro> It's supposed to be the last few moments before your death.. I think.

[19:06] <BrianLeybourne> Ah, ok, sorry. I wish I had had time this morning to re-read the doc.

[19:06] <Wolfe[GM]> Normally a defining memory should be boiled down to a single moment, and be slightly vague.

[19:06] <Wolfe[GM]> S'alright.

[19:07] <BrianLeybourne> OK, the defining moment was the face of the man who had killed my mother. I remember standing in her doorway, her vague form sprawled on the bed, and the man, winking at me and saying "your turn, kid".

[19:07] *** Bob_McNamee ( has joined channel #indie_ooc

[19:08] <Wolfe[GM]> Mmm. Violence s'more.

[19:08] * Wolfe[GM] grins

[19:08] <Wolfe[GM]> Alright. So, next is your Conviction.

[19:09] <BrianLeybourne> seriously traumatic memories like that are always the most defined, at at the same time vague because you're TRYING to forget it :-)

[19:09] <BrianLeybourne> What's my conviction, remind me. (Sorry)

[19:10] <Wolfe[GM]> Conviction is generally based somehow on the defining memory. It's what makes it worthwhile to fight, for you.

[19:10] <Wolfe[GM]> It's the thought/emotion that made you fight against Oblivion, so that you were able to be rescued by Mortis.

[19:11] <BrianLeybourne> Hmm

[19:12] <BrianLeybourne> Well, is the desire to find that guy again too specific?

[19:13] <BrianLeybourne> His face is what I see every time I close my eyes, et al

[19:13] <Wolfe[GM]> Not really, but it might make it a bit hard to gain or lose points. Something more general would be more useful.

[19:13] <Chiaroscuro> The conviction seems to be more of a personal code, or philosophy. At least, in all the examples I've seen.

[19:14] <BrianLeybourne> Alright, then it's a conviction that nobody else should ever have that kind of experience

[19:14] <Wolfe[GM]> Perhaps what really stood out to you is that this guy hurt your mother.. So you vow to never let people like him hurt other people again.

[19:14] <Wolfe[GM]> Or something.

[19:16] <BrianLeybourne> It's more of an angle of the child in the memory, not the hurt woman. So the conviction is that no child should ever have that experience

[19:16] * Wolfe[GM] nods

[19:16] <BrianLeybourne> Not so much that no woman should be hurt, etc

[19:16] <Wolfe[GM]> So, perhaps kind of a "No child should ever be hurt" sorta thing?

[19:16] <Chiaroscuro> Shelter the young and innocent?

[19:17] <BrianLeybourne> No child should ever be exposed to pain

[19:17] <BrianLeybourne> (that covers mental and physical, but more mental)

[19:17] <Wolfe[GM]> That works.

[19:20] <Wolfe[GM]> Alright, next are your breakpoints..

[19:20] <Wolfe[GM]> That is, the conditions that will cause your Conviction to raise or lower.

[19:21] <BrianLeybourne> Now, the doc doesn't have much on them, can you give me a "for example" of how they're structured?

[19:21] <BrianLeybourne> Well, there's that one example. OK, how about this

[19:21] <Wolfe[GM]> Examples: (+) When a child is protected from pain (-) When a child is hurt through my action, or inaction

[19:22] <BrianLeybourne> It lowers whenever I see a child in pain (or is that too, err, likely?)

[19:22] <Wolfe[GM]> Could be.

[19:22] <BrianLeybourne> Hmm.. actually, your examples look good. I'll go with those. That's kind of the angle I was thinking anyway

[19:23] <BrianLeybourne> And I think I'm a dark purple

[19:24] <Wolfe[GM]> Manipulator?

[19:24] <Wolfe[GM]> Okay.

[19:24] <Wolfe[GM]> I'd have figured Caretaker or Healer.

[19:25] <BrianLeybourne> I see me as having grown up being very empathic toward children, but very, well, distant with adults. When syncing I tend to manipulate and dominate them rather than work with them. Does that make sense?

[19:25] * Wolfe[GM] nods

[19:25] <Wolfe[GM]> Works fine for me.

[19:25] <Wolfe[GM]> Now your Talents

[19:25] <BrianLeybourne> So yeah, caretaker or healer with kids, but the opposite with adults (who I would choose to sync with, like they're tools to an end, if you get me)

[19:26] <Chiaroscuro> heh, I like that idea.

[19:26] <BrianLeybourne> Talents. Hmm. Well, I'll take slivers

[19:26] <Wolfe[GM]> Hm. Interesting idea for a new Talent.. Dual Natured. I'll have to look into it.

[19:27] <BrianLeybourne> It fits the character I was thinking of last night, basically adults are meaningless to him, but kids are everything. It's quite fucked up since, well, kids become adults

[19:28] <Wolfe[GM]> Heh.

[19:28] <Chiaroscuro> Little traitors! Everyone of them!

[19:28] <Wolfe[GM]> Slivers. What else?

[19:28] <Wolfe[GM]> You get 4 Talents

[19:28] <Wolfe[GM]> Though Slivers can be taken multiple times.

[19:29] <BrianLeybourne> I have this idea that he(/I) like the host to be conscious, but that he manipulates and uses them rather than working with them (if you have ever read "The Reality Dysfunction", I mean like that). As such, can I take Synched three times so they'll usually always be conscious?

[19:30] <Wolfe[GM]> Never have.

[19:30] <Wolfe[GM]> And no, Synched cannot be taken multiple times.

[19:30] <BrianLeybourne> Hmm. That makes this character concept tricky :_)

[19:31] <BrianLeybourne> The idea was that he keeps the host personality "in a box" (so to speak) trapped in their own mind, and uses them to get information and help with a rewards/punishment system. The ends justify the means, after all, if kids lives are at stake

[19:31] <Chiaroscuro> I thought that was kind of how it worked anyway?

[19:31] <Chiaroscuro> Or that it could.

[19:31] <BrianLeybourne> But with a sync level less than 5 the host is unconscious

[19:31] <Wolfe[GM]> It can, yes.

[19:32] <BrianLeybourne> Or is my doc out of date?

[19:32] <Wolfe[GM]> True, but some of their mind is still accessible.

[19:32] <Wolfe[GM]> I'm also going to be redoing Synch levels at some point later, but for right now, I'm playing it as is.

[19:33] <BrianLeybourne> But it's their conscious mind he wants access to, not just their memories. Imagine yourself trapped in a small black box, and all you get is flitters of sensation from your senses, controlled by someone who is asking all these questions and gives you the sensation as a reward

[19:33] <BrianLeybourne> OK, I'll have to adjust that slightly, obviously.

[19:33] <BrianLeybourne> For now, second talent will be one level of synched

[19:34] <Wolfe[GM]> Well, it doesn't quite work like that, anyhow.. at Synch 5, if you do something they don't like, they can fight your influence for control.

[19:34] <BrianLeybourne> Yeah, that's cool. I had a slightly wrong concept, no biggie.

[19:35] <BrianLeybourne> Power Boost

[19:35] <BrianLeybourne> Perceptive

[19:35] <Wolfe[GM]> Alright.

[19:35] <Wolfe[GM]> Roll for Conviction, btw. Almost forgot that tidbit.

-RPGServ- <Roll for Chiaroscuro [1d10]: 4>

[19:38] <BrianLeybourne> #roll 1d10

-RPGServ- <Roll for BrianLeybourne [1d10]: 3>

[19:38] <Wolfe[GM]> Your starting Conviction is 3..

[19:38] <BrianLeybourne> Crap rolls :-)

[19:38] <Wolfe[GM]> Now roll for your one Slivers of Mortality

[19:38] <BrianLeybourne> #roll 1d10

-RPGServ- <Roll for BrianLeybourne [1d10]: 4>

[19:39] <Wolfe[GM]> Mleh.

[19:40] <Wolfe[GM]> Well, alrighty, then..

[19:40] <BrianLeybourne> There's no actual skills list then? (Other than MA and guns)

[19:40] <Wolfe[GM]> You've got 4 points to choose new skills, or increase the existing ones (Martial Arts and Guns)

[19:40] <Wolfe[GM]> Nope. You make up whatever skill you want, and I slap it down if it's too munchkin.

[19:41] * Wolfe[GM] grins wryly

[19:41] <BrianLeybourne> jack of all trades 4

[19:41] <BrianLeybourne> :-)

[19:41] * Wolfe[GM] slaps it down

[19:42] <BrianLeybourne> sweet talker1

[19:42] <BrianLeybourne> (used manipulatively, mostly)

[19:42] <BrianLeybourne> MA +1 (4 total)

[19:42] <Wolfe[GM]> (figured)

[19:43] <BrianLeybourne> hmm

[19:44] <BrianLeybourne> Make it Sweet Talker 2, MA +1 (4), and err...

[19:44] <BrianLeybourne> Jeez, that was a sucky roll :-)

[19:44] <Wolfe[GM]> Yeah, it was..

[19:44] <BrianLeybourne> Whats another really useful skill?

[19:45] <Wolfe[GM]> Err.. Drive?

[19:45] <BrianLeybourne> OK, drive 1

[19:46] <Wolfe[GM]> Alrighty.. I've assigned your skills and other ratings on my side..

[19:46] <BrianLeybourne> I wrote them down twoo. Per3, power5, convic3

[19:46] <Wolfe[GM]> Power 5, Perception 3 MA 4, Guns 3, Drive 1, Sweet talk 2

[19:46] <BrianLeybourne> twoo?

[19:46] <Wolfe[GM]> Conviction 3, that too..

[19:47] <Wolfe[GM]> Or twoo, if you prefer..

[19:50] <Wolfe[GM]> Well, looks like maybe Mouse isn't gonna show, so we'll go ahead and get started.

[19:50] <BrianLeybourne> Cool.

[19:50] <Wolfe[GM]> First things first...

[19:51] <Wolfe[GM]> Both of you imagine what your character's "room" would be like in Penumbra.. As Penumbra is totally malleable to your character's will, it can be literally anything you can think of.

[19:52] <BrianLeybourne> Mine is always the doorway to my mothers room

[19:52] <Wolfe[GM]> Then, whichever of you would like to start, go ahead by describing, in indie_nar, what it looks, and what your character is doing during this "downtime"

[19:53] <Chiaroscuro> Mine has what looks like the bar from a pub, plus one table and one chair. The walls are lost in shadow, there are no walls really.

[19:54] *** BrianLeybourne is now known as Sonny

[19:54] <Sonny> (well, what else, really) :-)

[19:54] <Chiaroscuro> hehe

[19:54] <Wolfe[GM]> (oh, yeah.. a name...)

[19:54] <Chiaroscuro> Junior.

[19:54] <Wolfe[GM]> (forgot that minor detail..)

[19:58] <Chiaroscuro> We need to create a web also, right?

[19:59] <Wolfe[GM]> That will come before you enter the Coil, yes.

[19:59] <Chiaroscuro> ahh, cool.

[19:59] <Wolfe[GM]> I'm using my standard "start of a new game" intro at the moment.

[20:00] <Wolfe[GM]> That is, one character describes his room, Mortis knocks, sends character to fetch other characters (who describe their rooms in turn) then all characters report to the ReCoil chamber.


[20:02] <Sonny> oh, sorry, didn't notice that bit. I guess I'm supposed to go find Chiaroscuro?

[20:02] <Sonny> Jeez.. is there a short form of that name, that's going to get tiresom to type every time

[20:02] <Wolfe[GM]> Chiaro is what I'll prolly use.

[20:03] <Sonny> Or just wills himself there? Since it's all morphable anyway?

[20:04] <Wolfe[GM]> If you choose.. How your character gets from place to place is entirely up to you.

[20:06] <Sonny> Sonny, by the way, always looks like the child from his memory here, even though he suspects he was an adult when he died. Or is your own form not morphable?

[20:07] <Wolfe[GM]> Highly

[20:07] <Chiaroscuro> Should be I would think, you can enter a "host" after all.

[20:07] <Sonny> True :-) OK, he always looks that way then


[20:07] <Sonny> So, we've arrived I suppose?

[20:08] <Wolfe[GM]> Yeah, sorry. doing some math.

[20:15] <Wolfe[GM]> The traditional way to begin a mission is for one character to say "ReCoil"

[20:16] <Sonny> In the doc, Mortis says that :-)

[20:16] <Chiaroscuro> no, Morph does.

[20:16] <Sonny> Oh, sorry :-)


[20:17] <Wolfe[GM]> Alright. Situation Web.

[20:17] <Chiaroscuro> oooh, I like that, "chalk painting damaged by heavy rain..".

[20:17] * Wolfe[GM] takes a bow

[20:17] <Sonny> yeah, nice :-)

[20:18] <Wolfe[GM]> Need several "roles" Don't need names, just archetypal descriptions..

[20:18] <Sonny> OK, there's the building janitor. Crusty old guy who has been there for years.

[20:18] <Chiaroscuro> And a homeless guy that hangs out and does odd jobs for the tenants.

[20:19] <Sonny> The homeless guy's cousin, who is ashamed that his counsin is homeless, but selfish enough not to help him out past keeping tabs on him

[20:19] <Chiaroscuro> Hmm, and the latch key kid whose working mother is never home.

[20:20] <Sonny> Nice. Uh, how about the drunk who never leaves his apartment except for beer

[20:20] <Wolfe[GM]> Ah. Okay.

[20:20] <Wolfe[GM]> Policeman.

[20:21] <Sonny> Make it policewoman, we've got all guys so far :-)

[20:21] <Wolfe[GM]> That works.

[20:21] <Wolfe[GM]> Cleaning Lady

[20:21] <Sonny> The social worker, who knows there are several mistreated children in the building

[20:22] <Chiaroscuro> how many we need? I don't want to start getting confused by all the characters.

[20:22] <Wolfe[GM]> Latch Key Kid's errant father, in town on business, but who isn't visiting.

[20:22] <Sonny> Depends on how many times you fall down the lift shaft :-)

[20:22] <Chiaroscuro> hehe

[20:22] <Wolfe[GM]> 6 more

[20:22] <Chiaroscuro> wow

[20:23] <Chiaroscuro> thought we only had to have twice as many as there were players.

[20:23] <Wolfe[GM]> Or as many as there are Oblivion Points, whichever's higher.

[20:23] <Sonny> The building owner, who knows the condition of the building is terribnle, but doesn't care as he makes a fortune from the rents

[20:23] <Chiaroscuro> ahhh.

[20:23] <Wolfe[GM]> Manager, who does care, but can't do much.

[20:23] <Sonny> Managers wife, who has aspirations to do better

[20:24] <Chiaroscuro> The news anchor doing a public interest piece on the state of the building and the degenerate owner.

[20:24] <Wolfe[GM]> 3 more

[20:24] <Wolfe[GM]> 2 more

[20:24] <Sonny> The anchors boss, who is a golfing buddy of the owner

[20:24] <Chiaroscuro> The teenager that delivers the drunk guys groceries.

[20:24] <Wolfe[GM]> A jogger, who frequently passes the building.

[20:25] <Wolfe[GM]> If you want to toss out a couple more, that works.. But if not, we're done.

[20:25] <Chiaroscuro> I like the jogger better than the teen.

[20:25] <Wolfe[GM]> They both work

[20:25] <Sonny> keep 'em both. Why not

[20:25] <Sonny> How about the teens girlfriend, who finds the drunk creepy

[20:26] <Wolfe[GM]> Janitor, Homeless guy- oddjobs, Homeless guy's cousin, Latch Key Kid, Drunk Homebody, Policewoman, Cleaning Lady, Social Worker, Latch Key Kid's dad, Building Owner, Manager, Manager's Wife, News Anchor, Teen- grocery delivery, Jogger, Teen's girlfriend

[20:27] <Wolfe[GM]> That works for now.

[20:27] <Wolfe[GM]> Each of you choose a host.

[20:27] <Sonny> cool. I'll start with the janitor I guess

[20:28] <Wolfe[GM]> Roll 4d10s.. Use this format 4[1d10]

[20:28] <Sonny> Cool

[20:28] <Sonny> #roll 4[1d10]

-RPGServ- <Roll for Sonny [4[1d10]]: 8 5 10 1 >

[20:29] <Sonny> Hmm.. OK, 1 can be profession (not a very good janitor)

[20:29] <Chiaroscuro> I'll go for the drunk guy.

[20:30] <Wolfe[GM]> Alright, roll.

[20:30] <Chiaroscuro> #roll 4[1d10]

-RPGServ- <Roll for Chiaroscuro [4[1d10]]: 3 3 2 10 >

[20:30] <Sonny> 10 is body, 8 is Precision and 5 is senses. So, he's a big strong guy who is good with his hands, and fairly quick of eye, but terrible at his job (maybe he's a bit simple)

[20:30] <Sonny> Now I roll percentile?

[20:31] <Wolfe[GM]> Or a d12.

[20:31] <Wolfe[GM]> Either way works.

[20:31] <Sonny> #roll 1d12

-RPGServ- <Roll for Sonny [1d12]: 3>

[20:31] <Wolfe[GM]> No shit.

[20:31] <Sonny> Heh.. he's dark purple too :-)

[20:31] <Wolfe[GM]> Natural Synch 5.

[20:32] <Wolfe[GM]> Your Janitor is good at everything BUT janitoring, and is a manipulator to boot..

[20:32] <Wolfe[GM]> Bet this guy's got some history..

[20:32] <Chiaroscuro> I've got Body 3, Senses 2, Precision 3, Profession 10.

[20:32] <Sonny> lol. I wont get the second skill set though...

[20:32] <Sonny> #roll 1d10

-RPGServ- <Roll for Sonny [1d10]: 7>

[20:32] <Sonny> nope

[20:33] <Chiaroscuro> #roll 1d12

-RPGServ- <Roll for Chiaroscuro [1d12]: 5>

[20:33] <Chiaroscuro> bright blue?

[20:33] <Wolfe[GM]> What is his profession, btw?

[20:33] <Chiaroscuro> The drunk?

[20:33] <Sonny> Clearly, it's his manipulator personality that got him into a job he has no ability to do. Maybe there's another reason why he's here.....

[20:33] <Wolfe[GM]> Yeah.

[20:33] <Chiaroscuro> Hmm..

[20:33] <Sonny> Hmm.. a janitor has the keys to every apartment, and he's a big strapping guy. Maybe he's really planning to be up to no good

[20:34] <Wolfe[GM]> I suppose "drunk" could be his profession.. but that doesn't buy groceries.

[20:34] <Chiaroscuro> He was a firefighter, but now he's wasted by all his drinking due to some tragic incident no doubt.

[20:34] * Wolfe[GM] nods

[20:34] <Chiaroscuro> has his pension.

[20:34] <Bob_McNamee> maybe he drives a beer truck

[20:34] <Chiaroscuro> hehe

[20:34] <Chiaroscuro> he's the Duff guy!

[20:34] <Wolfe[GM]> Do you wish to keep this host, Chris?

[20:34] <Chiaroscuro> What does my synch mean?

[20:35] <Chiaroscuro> I mean, which synch am I at?

[20:35] <Wolfe[GM]> Synch 3

[20:35] <Chiaroscuro> yeah, will keep him.

[20:36] <Sonny> Will we kow each other on sight?

[20:36] <Chiaroscuro> wait, high numbers on the host traits are good, right?

[20:36] <Wolfe[GM]> Right.

[20:36] * Chiaroscuro nods.

[20:36] <Sonny> OK, lets do it

[20:36] <Chiaroscuro> question.

[20:37] <Wolfe[GM]> You will, if your Passive Perception is high enough to beat the other's Masking.

[20:37] <Chiaroscuro> What was the design reasoning for making the TN of host skill discovery the same as the Profession rating?

[20:38] <Sonny> Good question - lots of people are skilled at things outside their profession

[20:38] <Wolfe[GM]> If he's not particularly good at the first profession, it's easier to pick out his other skills.. It's less overpowering.

[20:38] <Chiaroscuro> ahh, he's a loose jumble instead of tightly focused.

[20:39] <Wolfe[GM]> Sorta, yeah.

[20:39] <Chiaroscuro> okay, I can buy that.

[20:39] <Chiaroscuro> ;)

[20:39] <Wolfe[GM]> Alright... both roll perception #[1d10]

[20:39] <Sonny> Isn't my perception 5?

[20:39] <Wolfe[GM]> 3 for perceptive agents

[20:39] <Sonny> Sorry, 3. So what am I rolling for?

[20:39] * Chiaroscuro 's perception is 3

[[20:40] <Wolfe[GM]> So roll 3[1d10]

[20:40] <Chiaroscuro> ahh

[20:40] <Sonny> #roll 3[1d10]

-RPGServ- <Roll for Sonny [3[1d10]]: 2 7 4 >

[20:40] <Wolfe[GM]> Your passive perception is the highest of the 3 rolls.

[20:40] <Chiaroscuro> #roll 3[1d10]

-RPGServ- <Roll for Chiaroscuro [3[1d10]]: 2 1 1 >

[20:40] <Wolfe[GM]> Ouch..

[20:40] <Chiaroscuro> bah

[20:40] <Sonny> thats a crap roll! :-)

[20:40] <Bob_McNamee> take it low is bad....

[20:40] <Chiaroscuro> no doubt

[20:40] <Wolfe[GM]> Yes..

[20:41] <Sonny> actually, I have one question to save me going through the whole doc again

[20:41] <Wolfe[GM]> Yes?

[20:41] <Sonny> rolls are made using a die pool equal to the attributes (I get 1 die if it's profession based for example) against a TN that you set each time, is that right?

[20:42] <Wolfe[GM]> Yes.

[20:42] <Sonny> But the profession is also used at the TN itself, for new skill rolls?

[20:42] <Wolfe[GM]> Yes.

[20:42] <Chiaroscuro> So, I'm not going to know much of anything but firefighting.

[20:42] <Sonny> So if I'm not good at my job, I also suck at everything else, but if I am, I'm good at everything?

[20:43] <Wolfe[GM]> No..

[20:43] <Chiaroscuro> Yes, but you have a much better chance of knowing more beyond your Profession.

[20:43] <Wolfe[GM]> Skills, (or in your case, the second profession) are determined individually.

[20:43] <Sonny> Ah, because your TN to know anything else will be 10, but mine will be 1?

[20:44] <Wolfe[GM]> Additional skills, I should say.

[20:44] <Chiaroscuro> yes.

[20:44] <Chiaroscuro> you roll to determine the actual skill TN's, I believe.

[20:44] <Wolfe[GM]> Anything Chiaro tries to do that Firefighter can cover, he's going to be really, really good at.

[20:44] <Wolfe[GM]> Actual skill ratings, yes.

[20:44] <Sonny> Hmm, oh well, I'll pick it up anyway. Sorry for the delay

[20:45] <Wolfe[GM]> Not a problem.

[20:45] <Sonny> lets go go go

[20:45] <Wolfe[GM]> Chiaro, I'll be hitting you first.

[20:45] <Chiaroscuro> hehe

[20:45] <Chiaroscuro> great...

[20:45] <Bob_McNamee> heh

[20:45] <Chiaroscuro> ;)


[20:45] <Sonny> Shit, it's 4:40, how did that happen?

[20:45] <Chiaroscuro> magic!

[20:46] <Chiaroscuro> Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin, into the future..

[20:46] <Sonny> sure does. I only have a little over an hour until my wife gets home (and I go out). Sorry guys

[20:47] <Chiaroscuro> Hey, I thought you only had 20 minutes left, so an hour don't sound so bad.

[20:47] <Wolfe[GM]> Yeah.. well, we'll see what we can get done in an hour.

[20:47] <Sonny> and hey, I have the character now, we can play again and not have to go through all that next time :-)

[20:47] <Wolfe[GM]> You're up, Chris.


[20:50] <Wolfe[GM]> Switching while you shower.

[20:50] <Chiaroscuro> cool.

[20:50] <Sonny> What, no shower scene? ;-)

[20:50] <Chiaroscuro> hehe

[20:50] <Bob_McNamee> heh!

[20:52] <Sonny> (so to speak)

[20:53] <Chiaroscuro> (how do we know how much Mortis we have?)

[20:54] <Sonny> Isn't it equal to starting power?

[20:54] <Chiaroscuro> ahh, must have missed that.


[20:54] <Sonny> Will it be faster to walk, do I think?

[20:55] <Wolfe[GM]> Possibly, but you'd have to leave the janitorial equipment behind..

[20:55] <Sonny> Can I get his name from his mind without having to ask him?

[20:55] <Chiaroscuro> It's probably on his coveralls. :)

[20:55] <Wolfe[GM]> You could. It's.. yeah, there too.

[20:55] <Sonny> True :-) I look down at the nametag

[20:55] <Wolfe[GM]> Bobby

[20:56] <Sonny> Can I see the accident?

[20:57] <Wolfe[GM]> It's up ahead.. a couple cars in a light fender bender. It's clearing up, but slowly.


[20:58] <Sonny> That was using smooth talking

[20:58] <Chiaroscuro> heh, you're cruel.

[20:58] * Sonny doesn't like adults, especially janitors who have no janitorial skill and could be doing something better, they make him suspicious

[20:58] <Chiaroscuro> hehehe

[20:59] <Chiaroscuro> Maybe he's a serial killer.

[20:59] <Wolfe[GM]> It is possible with a level 4 or 5 synch to use the information check rules to troll the host's memories and come up with facts.

[21:00] <Bob_McNamee> heh....hearing voices

[21:00] <Sonny> More fun to make him tell me :-)

[21:00] <Sonny> I assume I know my hosts's stats, so I could have worked out his low profession and high other stats etc?

[21:00] <Chiaroscuro> got him on the ropes!

[21:01] <Sonny> I'll delve ionto his mind and see if that's the truth

[21:01] <Wolfe[GM]> Yeah, well enough.


[21:01] <Sonny> He actually tries to be a good janitor?

[21:02] <Wolfe[GM]> Roll Perception against a TN.. 7.

[21:02] <Sonny> #roll 3[1d10]

-RPGServ- <Roll for Sonny [3[1d10]]: 3 3 8 >

[21:02] <Sonny> 1 success

[21:02] <Wolfe[GM]> 1 success. You can name any one fact you find in his mind, and it is true, so long as it's something he'd know.

[21:02] <Sonny> That's easy - how many kids in the building?

[21:03] <Wolfe[GM]> Heh.. Here I thought you'd be probing for the truth.

[21:03] <Sonny> Well, if I only get one question...

[21:03] <Wolfe[GM]> He's not totally sure, but he'd guesstimate about.. 40 or so.

[21:03] <Sonny> actually,m scratch that

[21:03] <Sonny> oh, too late. that's cool

[21:03] <Wolfe[GM]> Wait, wait..

[21:03] <Wolfe[GM]> Actually, you TELL me.

[21:03] <Wolfe[GM]> It's your fact.

[21:04] <Sonny> OK

[21:04] <Wolfe[GM]> You could get that by asking though, probably.. how many kids, that is.

[21:04] <Chiaroscuro> Does it count as him putting the kids in danger if he says there is more than the already established latchkey kid?

[21:04] <Wolfe[GM]> Eh? He's not putting anyone in danger by finding out information.

[21:05] <Chiaroscuro> just wondering, since he's creating the fact.

[21:05] <Wolfe[GM]> The information check is meta-game.

[21:05] <Wolfe[GM]> The player, not the character.

[21:05] <Sonny> That's why I was going to change the question, but you already said the number so doesn't matter

[21:05] <Chiaroscuro> okay, that's what I thought, just making sure.

[21:05] <Wolfe[GM]> Go ahead and change it.

[21:05] <Wolfe[GM]> You don't ask a question, though. You give a fact.

[21:05] <Sonny> I'll have to change the comment I just made then

[21:05] <Sonny> The question is, has he ever hurt any children in the building?

[21:06] <Wolfe[GM]> And the answer is?

[21:06] <Sonny> Oh, this is more directorial stance than I thought it was then :-)

[21:06] <Wolfe[GM]> Yeah.

[21:07] <Wolfe[GM]> ReCoil is my attempt at a primarily Nar game, so..

[21:07] <Wolfe[GM]> See, I had no idea the building was an apartment building until you guys started making hosts.

[21:07] <Chiaroscuro> It really does look Sim oriented on the surface though.

[21:08] <Sonny> Hmm, OK. He's in the building because it's a steady job, like he said, but a couple of weeks ago he snuck into one of the apartments when he knew that latchkey kid was alone and spied on him in the shower.

[21:08] <Wolfe[GM]> I know. That's the Simulationist in me.

[21:08] <Wolfe[GM]> Ooh, a perv, huh?

[21:08] <Sonny> Apparently

[21:08] <Sonny> Puts a whole new spin on my "you like kids, don'tya" comment :-)

[21:08] * Chiaroscuro feels icky.

[21:09] <Wolfe[GM]> And cut back to Chiaro..

[21:10] <Sonny> Yeah, sorry. My roleplaying tends to be pretty dark, I like to explore slightly uncomfortable things because I find it makes for good drama

[21:10] <Wolfe[GM]> Heh.. you're a sicko, it's okay. We.. understand... Don't we?

[21:10] <Chiaroscuro> heh, no prob.

[21:10] <Chiaroscuro> hehehe

[21:10] <Sonny> lol

[21:11] <Sonny> You should have seen the game where I made my friends roleplay each other, and then threw REALLY nasty things at them

[21:11] <Wolfe[GM]> ...sounds odd.


[21:11] <Chiaroscuro> okay, as I search my hosts apartment I want to examine his mind to find out his full name and where in the apartment I might find some useful resources, like money and weapons.

[21:11] <Sonny> and more beer

[21:12] <Chiaroscuro> I'm also going to turn to a news channel and turn the volume up so I can here it throughout the apartment. I want to know "when" I'm at.

[21:12] <Wolfe[GM]> You can't get his name at Synch 3. You are able to search his knowledge of the city and area, though

[21:13] <Chiaroscuro> ahh, okay, I'll search his wallet if I find it and other things to try and find his name then.

[21:13] <Wolfe[GM]> Name and such is in there..

[21:13] <Chiaroscuro> It just says "knowledge" in the text, though. You should probably signify that.

[21:15] <Wolfe[GM]> I know. I'm going to change all that stuff to be more specific. Knowledge means, there, more general, less specific about the individual host.

[21:15] <Chiaroscuro> cool.

[21:16] <Sonny> Does the news say that one of the guys in the accident is talking to himself a lot :-)

[21:16] <Wolfe[GM]> No..

[21:16] <Sonny> That was a joke, btw

[21:17] <Wolfe[GM]> Figured.

[21:17] <Wolfe[GM]> Chris?

[21:17] <Chiaroscuro> oh, thought you were going to give me his name and knowledge of his apartment.

[21:18] <Wolfe[GM]> Oh, sorry..

[21:18] <Chiaroscuro> np

[21:18] <Sonny> I think you make that up, don't you?

[21:18] <Wolfe[GM]> His name is.. Freddie Lowe.

[21:19] <Wolfe[GM]> The only money he's got around is there in the wallet, which isn't much. He doesn't own any weapons. This is England, after all.

[21:19] <Sonny> So midnight tomorrow is d-hour

[21:19] <Chiaroscuro> heh

[21:19] <Chiaroscuro> okay, does he have a flashlight?

[21:19] <Wolfe[GM]> Yeah.. I'd say that he's got some of his firefighter stuff still in the closet.

[21:20] <Chiaroscuro> cool. I want to take the flashlight and wallet and start in the basement, examine the building. Looking for anything unusual and checking the what I can of the structures integrity using my firefighter knowledge.

[21:20] <Wolfe[GM]> Alright... Narrate?

[21:21] <Chiaroscuro> me or joo?

[21:21] <Wolfe[GM]> You.

[21:21] <Chiaroscuro> will do..


[21:22] <Wolfe[GM]> I'd say that your examination could probably constitute an information check. You should feel free to call for information checks any time you want to add something.

[21:22] <Chiaroscuro> done

[21:22] <Chiaroscuro> cool, lets do that then.

[21:23] <Wolfe[GM]> Und.. Ja, I think your firefighter skills would count.. TN.. 6

[21:23] <Wolfe[GM]> Nah, 7.

[21:23] <Chiaroscuro> might want to switch to Sonny first though.

[21:23] <Sonny> I'm cool

[21:23] <Chiaroscuro> okay

[21:23] <Wolfe[GM]> I'll switch while you figure out what facts (and how many) you want to state.

[21:23] <Chiaroscuro> so, how many dice do I roll?

[21:23] <Sonny> 10

[21:24] <Chiaroscuro> ahh, Profession, duh.

[21:24] <Chiaroscuro> #roll 10[1d10]

-RPGServ- <Roll for Chiaroscuro [10[1d10]]: 10 3 8 1 3 6 3 6 4 9 >

[21:24] <Chiaroscuro> 3 successes.

[21:24] <Chiaroscuro> I name 3 facts then?

[21:24] <Wolfe[GM]> Ja.

[21:24] <Chiaroscuro> cool..


[21:25] <Sonny> I take it Mortis would not be impressed if I jumped down a lift shaft because I didn't like my host?

[21:25] <Chiaroscuro> hehehe

[21:25] <Wolfe[GM]> Not really, no...

[21:25] <Wolfe[GM]> 'sides, you don't ever like your hosts, remember?

[21:26] <Sonny> Yeah, but most of them didn't actually hurt any kids

[21:28] <Chiaroscuro> fact 1: There is absolutely no visible sign of any foul play in the building. Fact 2: There was a set of apartment keys laying outside the back exit of the building. Fact 3: The dumpster at the back of the building has been chained and locked shut.

[21:28] <Chiaroscuro> Those work?

[21:28] <Wolfe[GM]> Sure.

[21:28] <Sonny> Can I roll Sweet Talking to try to convince this guy

[21:29] <Wolfe[GM]> Sure.

[21:30] <Wolfe[GM]> If'n you want.

[21:31] <Sonny> #roll 2[1d10]

-RPGServ- <Roll for Sonny [2[1d10]]: 5 5 >

[21:31] <Sonny> heh. Hope the TN was 5 :-)

[21:31] <Wolfe[GM]> That works.

[21:31] <Chiaroscuro> Can skills stack?

[21:31] <Wolfe[GM]> I dun' think so. Honestly, I'm thinking about reworking skills anyhow. Not sure though.

[21:31] * Chiaroscuro nods.

[21:31] <Wolfe[GM]> Whatchu got in mind?

[21:32] <Chiaroscuro> Was just wondering if I could have added my Investigation skill dice to that last roll.

[21:33] <Wolfe[GM]> I don't think so.. but you can roll investigation for any case where it doesn't involve firefighting.

[21:33] * Chiaroscuro nods.

[21:34] <Sonny> And with that, REALLY sorry guys, but I'm going to have to bail

[21:34] <Sonny> Maybe Bob could take over Sonny?

[21:34] <Wolfe[GM]> Bah.

[21:34] <Chiaroscuro> hehe

[21:34] <Sonny> Sorry man, you know how it is

[21:34] <Wolfe[GM]> Yeah..

[21:35] <Sonny> But, really liked what I got to see, and very keen to play again some time

[21:35] <Chiaroscuro> Have fun BL.

[21:35] <Sonny> Sorry guys. I'll catch you again soon

[21:35] <Wolfe[GM]> Well, if you guys would like to set up another session, we can.

[21:36] <Chiaroscuro> That would be fine with me.

[21:36] <Sonny> I'm real keen for that, but no reason you can't carry on with one

[21:36] <Bob_McNamee> [cool stuff]...think I'd like to try playing another time myself...time flies...11:30 my time...time for sleep here