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.About Wolves Den Publishing.

 Lance D. Allen
I was born in Albuquerque, NM in April of 1979. Before the age of 5, I'd lived in most states throughout the southwestern U.S. and a couple outside of that region. Over the weekend of my 8th birthday, I moved to Bakersfield, CA where my love of roleplaying was to be born. I'd always been creative, and more often than not, I was the person with all the ideas when I played with my friends. I started with "imagination games", which amounted to one-on-one freeform roleplaying games. When I borrowed a copy of a Battletech Technical Readout, I used the numbers in there to create my very first game, completely unaware that the stats were actually from a game. Not long after that, I met the friend who introduced me to the roleplaying hobby officially, with Robotech and D&D Basic.

After that, I did not play another published roleplaying game until I moved to Arizona and started high school. Instead, I made several little heartbreakers to tide myself over. High school introduced me to White Wolf and Shadowrun, as well as a few other lesser popular games. Those were my staples all the way through the majority of my subsequent enlistment in the army, when I was finally introduced to Star Wars D6 and reintroduced to D&D with 3rd Ed during my last year on Active Duty. It was following my return to civilian life that I was pointed toward the indie community, and my aspirations of publishing Mage Blade really took off.

It's been about 11 years since then. I've still not published any of my games, due in part to spotty motivation, and an inability to get sufficient playtesting done. My creative pursuits have blossomed over the years, and I've taken up hobbies in graphic design, digital art, and writing, as well as putting some serious and not-so-serious efforts toward getting a degree in software engineering. I've since rejoined the army, gotten married, had a couple kids, and been deployed to Iraq. Even though this isn't where I thought I'd be, it's been a pretty good ride so far, and I can only look forward to what the future holds.

 David Pidgeon
David Pidgeon feels nervous writing about himself in the first person. He lives in Queensland, Australia and wants to write comics, design roleplaying games and make music for a living.

David found his way to the indie community in early 2009, where his first game idea, "Life of a Falling Star" caught Lance's attention. After some discussion, David was invited to publish under the Wolves Den Publishing label, and the rest, as they say, is history.


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