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.Tabletop Role Playing Games.

 In Playtesting

ReCoil - Lance Allen - A game about the desperate, never-ending struggle to save reality from a force which intends to destroy it. The players take the roles of "Agents", spirits of the deceased recruited in this battle, who return to the mortal Coil to do battle with the minions of "Oblivion".                                                                                                                                                                              
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Rats in the Walls - Lance Allen - Imagine, if you will, that time is an endless hallway, down which humanity walks. This hallway is only one way; Behind you walks everyone you have been, and ahead into who you might be is the only place you can go.
Now imagine if the walls of this endless hallway had rats. Rats in the Walls of Time itself. They scurry back where no man can go, and their chewing and tampering could change the flow of time…                                                                                                                                                                              
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G - David Pidgeon - G is a solitaire game designed originally for a contest that I actually finished in time. It's about a solitary and lonely astronaut living in space, dealing with isolation and sudden intense danger. It's still up for playtesting and definitely needs some improvements.                                                                                                                                                                             
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 In Development
Mage Blade - Explore a world of magic and adventure,taking charge of your own story and setting your own goals.
Perhaps this section should be titled "Chronically In Development". Mage Blade is my magnum opus. It stands astride my more traditional roleplaying desires and the awesome indie community techniques and ideas I've become exposed to over the years.

Dirty Princesses - David Pidgeon - This is the big one. I've been working on Dirty Princesses for about four years now and it's still struggling to really show on paper. Dirty Princesses is the game of Princesses going on perilous quests to prove that they have what it takes to eventually be Queen. It's a game about adventure, growing up, expectations and kick-ass Princesses, all set in a fantasy world. The eventual published plan for it involves custom playing cards and beautiful illustrations, but I should probably finish designing the rules first.

 Currently Shelved
Blood on the Sand - Working title for a Riddle of Steel mini-supplement, better known as TRoS: Gladiators. Blood on the Sand uses the basic combat mechanic of The Riddle of Steel and wraps a whole new game idea around it. Gladiators is not intended to be a roleplaying game; instead it aims to be more of a table-top strategy game, incorporating elements of resource management, time management, strategic movement, and the gritty combat that is so characteristic of The Riddle of Steel.
It has been on hold for quite some time, and doesn't stand much of a chance of being resurrected any time really soon, at least until I can figure out what the current legal status of such a product would be.


.Computer Games.

 In Development
Pente - This is a boardgame in the same style as Go, in that it is played with beads or stones on a grid. The object is to get 5 of your color stones in a row, or to capture 5 sets of your opponents' stones. It can be played with 2-4 players, and the strategy differs noticeably based on how many players there are. I have been working on a computerized version of the game for the last week or so, and at this point, I have a reasonably complete program. It handles 2,3 or 4 players in a hotseat style, and allows you to pick the color of your stones. At some point in the near future, I'm going to try my hand at making it work over LAN or TCP/IP. 
 Currently Shelved
Mage Wars (Magestorm clone) - Years ago on AOL I played this fantasy first-person shooter based on the Magestorm license from  Rolemaster. Your character gained levels and learned new spells, and it was based on a three-way battle to gain resource points and assault your enemies' shrines. For a small community, it was probably the best game on the planet.
Years later, people are still reminiscing fondly about this game. I am one of those, hence I tried to recreate it using Game Maker. I made some significant and exciting process until it came time to start implementing the online portion, where I ran into problem after problem. As of now, I am not entirely sure my skills as a programmer or my skills with Game Maker are sufficient to make this game work, so it is currently shelved, and will be for the foreseeable future. My apologies to those who were getting excited about my progress.


.Board Games.

 In Development
Swine Between the Stars (Working title, based on the book Interstellar Pig by William Sleator) -

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