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 Independent and Small Press Community
The Forge - This site is dedicated to the promotion, creation, and review of independent role-playing games, as defined as the game is owned by its author, or creator-owned. The Forge is not only a place for role-playing game authors, though. It's here for anyone interested in discovering new games, having better role-playing experiences, or discussing role-playing game theory.

Story Games - This site is a casual place to discuss roleplaying games, specifically, new ways to play RPGs and new ways of approaching the hobby. This site is meant to be a relaxed, non-threatening, non-confrontational environment, basically a discussion playground for roleplaying games.

Twisted Confessions - This is the solo publishing venture of Alexander Cherry, a personal friend of mine. It currently publishes the free RPG Snowball and its first commercial roleplaying game, Fastlane, as well as several free games.

Lulu - This is one of the foremost options for the small press publisher, offering print-on-demand or short print run services, and even an online storefront with little to no up-front costs. The quality is generally passable, and for anyone trying to get a start in self publishing, Lulu is worth a look.

CreateSpace - The biggest online competitor to Lulu, CreateSpace is an Amazon.com-owned company that offers many of the same services, in addition to affiliation with Amazon. Prices are generally lower than Lulu, though their options are somewhat more limited. The word is that they're easy to work with and the quality is pretty decent as well.

Guild of Blades Publishing Group - While I have no personal experience with Guild of Blades, everything I hear suggests that they should definitely be a first-check for anyone interested in Print-on-Demand or Short-run game or card publishing and retail. Their success has been admirable, and I think they're only just getting started.

 Other Places I Like
Song of the Black Wolf - I have a personal journal on LiveJournal where I talk about anything and everything that interests me. My participation there is sometimes pretty spotty, but I hold forth on a variety of topics from my day to day life as a Soldier, a father and a husband, to my game design work, my hobbies and the occasional personal spiel or rant.

Facebook - Lately, I've whiled away a lot of time on facebook. Many of my friends and acquaintances from the above communities are on facebook, so I get caption-sized peeks into their lives and doings. Occasionally I try to wax meaningful, but mostly I just make random silly updates, and play around with some of the apps found there.


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