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.Game Accessory Programs.

 In Development
3:16 Trooper Manager - This is a tool designed to support the excellent 3:16 by Gregor Hutton. It allows a GM to create and modify any number of NPC Troopers, as well as handles them en masse for combat encounters. When it is complete, it will allow you to save and load previously used sets of troopers, as well as manage them in discrete squads.

Online Tabletop and Chat Client - I decided to try to throw my hat into the semi-saturated ring of online gaming tabletops. My goal is to create a system-agnostic tabletop that can handle any number of games and styles, rather than being D&D-centric. It probably wouldn't have been as good at most things as existing tabletops, but I had some ideas that would have made it quite a bit better in some ways. Development is somewhat stalled as I ran into computer trouble and lost sight of it once I resolved my issues, but I intend to put it back on the table for near future development.

 Currently Shelved
Network Visualization Tool - This began as a way to build a web or relationship map, but eventually I began to repurpose it to handle intelligence analysis stuff. As such, it's functionality expanded and changed. I've since shelved it in that aspect, and I've not picked it back up to develop further as a story aid.

Fastlane Online Playboard - This is a tool designed to support Fastlane, by Alexander Cherry. It features a roulette wheel and a bidding board that are shared online, designed to support online play. This was nearly functional, but it began to be problematic when implementing the online portion. Specifically, synching up the clients so that the wheel didn't spin out of control, and jerk and start, occasionally launching the ball out of the window.


.Fictional Writings.

 In Revision
The Golden King - I participated in the November 2008 NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and completed some 60k words. I've since realized I need to about double the length of my manuscript, and it's been slowly being revised.


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