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 A Game with Conviction.

ReCoil is a roleplaying game in which the players take on the roles of Agents in a war to save reality from a menace they know only as Oblivion. The Agents are the souls of the departed, mortals who died but escaped destruction by Oblivion. They oppose the minions of Oblivion by reentering the mortal world, or the Coil, by inhabiting the body of a mortal.

Play is generally mission-oriented, with the Agents being sent into the Coil to prevent the plots of Oblivion's servants, Naughtwraiths, from damaging reality and claiming the lives of innocent people.
 Downloads and Resources
Current Playtest Version (December 2007)
 Actual Play Logs
Some of the early playtests of ReCoil took place online, so I have full-text logs of the play sessions.
August 2nd, 2003: Vanilla, played by Alexander Cherry
  Fictional Log
  Out of Character Log
January 8th, 2004: Sonny and Chiaroscuro, played by Brian Leybourne and Chris Edwards - Incomplete
  Fictional Log
  Out of Character Log
September 1st, 2007: Mother and Vanilla, played by Rhonda Allen and Alexander Cherry - Incomplete
  Fictional Log
  Out of Character Log


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